2018 chapter 38: September 19

Tonight we played monster hide. It's where you go hide and the monster doesn't seek you, but he smells for you (as explained by Wade). Oh, and the monster counts to 10 and then yells "monster coming!" We have some dark and dreary weather here, and I must say, it was scary. Bryan hid in my closet and I realized he was there a second before he jumped out at the kids, I almost didn't see him - good thing I did, or I probably would've punched him.

We set up a tent in the front room this week. It barely fit, but that's okay, cause the piano was right at their door step. They succeeded in talking me into letting them nap in their one day - it lasted 10 minutes until I made them go to their rooms. I did not fall for that trick again. I took it down a few days ago after kids were in bed (otherwise I'd have "helpers") and the next morning I heard Wade telling his sisters, "Mommy took our tent down! We wanted to play grossery gang in it! What a bad mommy. Bad, stinky, mommy." So much for being the fun mom that put a tent up in the house, nope. I'm the bad, stinky, mom. Haha.

Blake has been SOOOO into the play kitchen. The one we've had for years, it's suddenly of top importance right now. Before naps I always let the kids watch a show, but Blake keeps asking if she can go "pay chicken" (play kitchen...every time I think she wants chicken and I have to go through the interpretation process), as if I'd force her to sit and watch a show. Yesterday I was heating my leg and both girls kept bringing me dinner. Look how dark it is outside my window, that was 9 am! 

Wade built this. It wouldn't be a complete week without a Wade creation. He's started calling his stuff sculptures, I should probably get him to call them abstract sculptures and he'll be so ahead of his time. This one later took the basketball hoop off the wall (it was held up with command strips, so it wasn't a big surprise or catastrophe...unless you're the sculptor) and Wade was obviously very upset. He discovered it when he went into his room for bed and I was doing bedtime with the girls, so by the time I got in there he was sitting there, on his knees, holding the remains of his brilliance. I told him it was okay and we could fix it in the morning, he recovered, only to come out again on the edge of tears because his lights had unplugged in the process and his room was dark. One tragedy after another is so hard. 

Blake discovered the huge tube that was used to unroll my rug (wait, did I post a picture of my new rug?! I don't think so, I'll have to upload it). She played with it for a good 10 minutes before her siblings realized her treasure and then it lasted about 30 seconds. 

Here's my new rug! I used some of my wedding picture spoils to buy it. It was still laying flat here and we still need to put it under the bed more, but I love it. I actually bought another one and then this one popped up in the "you might also like this" section...wouldn't been nice to have that brought to my attention BEFORE pressing buy. I contacted them immediately, but it was Labor Day weekend, so they didn't get to it. But they did pay for the shipping on my return, which I thought was pretty awesome of them, and then I could buy this beauty. I think she needs a name. Something French, cause she reminds me of a Monet. 

We went on a walk in, what we thought was, a break in the storm and ended up getting rained on the whole time. Wade carried a bat the whole way and took his shoes off for better puddle jumping? And look at that happy dog blur!! I was chilly, but I don't think kids get cold. That's not true, kids having fun don't get cold. Grumpy kids are either freezing or burning up in 70 degrees. 

Wade started soccer again! He still isn't good - which most kids aren't, but there are two on his team that are actually good, making Bryan more frustrated. But, Wade did have fun, so that's a huge improvement! He'd run off the field during the practice for his water break and then run back on, with a huge smile. He got more frustrated during the game portion, cause no one gave him the ball. Still work to go, but at least there are some positive emotions to go along with soccer this time around. He keeps asking me this week when his soccer is, and it isn't followed with annoyed sighs and grumbles. The only picture I remembered to snap this week was of the soccer ball getting stuck under a car and daddy coming to the rescue. 

Wade went to a birthday party this week and I after I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday. He told me he wanted to have a Grossery Gang party. I had been thinking of doing a craft party with lots of tape and stickers and stuff for kids to create with, I asked him if he wanted that kind of a party, he said, "Sure, we can do that stuff at my Grossery Gang party." Then I asked if he wanted a robot party and he said, "We can draw picture of robots and paint them at my Grossery Gang party, we can do whatever you want at my Grossery Gang party." Seems I'm stuck. I better start looking up how to make a toilet piñata (cause a piñata was requested...shoot, I forgot how he said it, cause it was way wrong).

We went all over looking for peat moss this week. Finally stopped a nursery near us and Wade asked if he could stay in the car. I told him he needed to come in and that there would be lots of awesome flowers to look at, he said, "Well, you could just take pictures of them and show me." Haha! He won that round.

Bryan dreamt that I shaved the girls heads and woke up really mad at me.

Jac started crying and this conversation with Wade followed:
Me: Did you hit her in the heard?
Wade: I was just going to throw things at her.
Me: Why would you throw things at her?
Wade: Just to see if she was amazing.
Way to make it sound like you're helping her reach her potential buddy. Clever.

Wow, this week was very Wade heavy. He's been doing stuff this week that I know I'll forget and then it 10 years something will jog my memory and I'll miss this time.

My leg still hurts. I think it's starting to get better. I might just be hopeful. But after sitting for dinner I stood up like a normal person, it didn't take me forever. Now it's just beyond tight and the tightness is going down into my calf and up my back - nothing like bending my neck and feeling the burn in my thigh. It's been a really fun month. Topped with our electric dog fence breaking, so I need to bend down every time to put Stella on a leash. Oh, and I get to either drive a manual car or climb into a truck. Such a fun month.

We still don't have a new car. We test drove one on Monday and went back to buy it on Tuesday when we noticed a big rust spot on the back - my only guess is that the hatch was up when we were making our round on the car? Not sure, but we walked away. I was super sad this morning to walk to the truck in the rain instead of getting into my new car in my garage.

My friend turned 40 this week! We threw her a 5 year old themed party, complete with balloon arches and cotton candy drinks. It was a blast. My job was decor, my forte. I've figured out big balloon garlands now, the trick is to tie the balloons together on two strings and then twist the strings together. I didn't get a picture of the awesomeness, but it was awesome. And I made this streamer photo wall. It got well used.

I've made myself busy this week to keep away the grumps, even though, I am grumpy. Ready for my new car and for my leg to just be a normal leg again. But, I made myself do some projects that have been on my list. First, I put the hooks up in the bathroom so I can hang my towels for the first time in over a year. Felt nice to have the bathroom all in functional order. The middle vanity drawer broke again that night. It's still sitting on the floor.

Okay, that wasn't very good at me being not grumpy. I also moved around some of the shelves in the basement and put some up in our room! These are the same ones that my dad built us when we lived in Northfield! I just had to buy a few more brackets, I shouldn't have, and I'm sure I'll stumble upon the other brackets one day. Oh well.

Basement. Looks so good you almost forget the floor is torn up and there's a sheet up instead of a wall and a door. But, my main life/decor goals are met: places for plants and pictures.

Our room! Again, plants and pictures! And my scripture study stuff and church resources are here for easier access, instead of the basement (I've obviously been using them a lot...). From my doorway, my room is looking so good! From my bed, I see the still green wall and the fireplace with a big hole around it, ha! The plan is to shiplap it, Bryan says we'll do it this winter; I'm feeling like I should put a hefty wager on the statement. 

I almost forgot, these shelves are so crooked that if I put the brackets in holes one off from each other, then they're level. How did that happen? My guess is that I measured from the textured ceiling...but it works. You'd never know...I mean, unless you looked. 

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