2018 chapter 39: September 26

 My leg still hurts. I still don't have a car. This month has been the roughest. I mean, in a "I'm incredible blessed" kind of way. Let's talk about some of those blessings:

My kids can get themselves breakfast.

Target is a great playground when it's rainy like crazy for days on end. Disclaimer: no doll chairs were broken, promise. 

And no shelves were broken either. 

Later in the trip a man had his two year old daughter in a cart and he asked how I do it with three - I wanted to be like, "Did you see them literally climbing the shelves earlier?" 

IKEA is also a great playground. All three of my kids can no go to the IKEA childcare center!!! Jac worked herself up into a fit after 10 minutes, so it didn't last. But, man, I'm going to keep trying all winter long! Oh, and Jacqueline will have to get used to this, cause I signed all of them up for preschool, starting in November!!! 

Wade got something in his eye while at the store and asked for a carrot. A carrot to put on his eye. Kids are so weird. And then he asked for another one, "Cause I ate the one the that was on my eye." 

 We went to the high school football game. After halftime it's free to get in, which is the only way we can do it, cause the kids were done after 20 minutes. That includes the 5 minutes climbing the fences.

Wade had soccer. This is how he feels during the games: 

And last week: 

He does enjoy the practice part. Just so frustrating during the games that the kids don't give him the ball to kick. 

Jac, the way she'd always wish to be. 

And they discovered a new trick: 

Last week we were at soccer sweating at 10 AM, with it already over 90. This week we were a chilly in jackets and blankets with 50 degrees. Fall came fast.

Found this picture Wade took of us: 

We also had a party at Goodwill this week. We got little dolls that are kind of like Barbies. Jacqueline got a redhead one and Blake got a blonde one and they are super into their hair colors now (they've been into eye colors for awhile. And Wade loves to tick them off by telling them they have the wrong eye color. He's really been into his big brother duties recently). Jac will randomly yell "I HAVE RED HAIR!!" I was excited cause these dolls had cute little outfits, and all our current Barbies are naked. Well, the girls undressed these dolls in about 10 minutes and only care about the shoes (which keep falling off and going missing). They both need these new dolls to sleep - Jacqueline was sitting at the top of the stairs around 10 last night, distraught cause she thought sleeping Blake had her "red barbie." She didn't. Jac's red barbie was downstairs, she apparently didn't decide/realize she couldn't get a moments rest without it until an hour after her bedtime. 

We got stickers at the chiropractor today. Wade made his into a mustache. I was driving, so I can't tell you what it looked like, but by the giggles, it was good. He said, "Mom, I'm going to need you to stop talking to me so I can keep my sticker mustache on." I obliged, but he didn't last more than 10 seconds before he needed to discuss something. 

Walked into WAde's room during quiet time and overheard his Grossery Gang dialogue: "Guess what guys, you smell. Yeah, you stink. Yeah, we smell." 

Mr. Wade had his primary program. He did great. Before going to a practice he said his part perfectly, without assistance (his part: Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon) and I was telling him I was proud of him and that he was so smart, he said, "Yeah, cause I know everything. But I don't know about sea snails on trampolines. I don't know about that." And I had to tell him that I didn't know about that either. 

At church, after the program, they learned about tithing. Wade's teacher had all the kids go out and rack leaves to earn 10 pennies (she had to make them work for their money, haha!) and then they paid one penny in tithing to the bishop. On the way home Wade shared a penny with each of his sisters, it was so sweet! And then they immediately both dropped them, causing great distress. So I had to rummage around for two more pennies. Wade said, "I have nine pennies that I can buy anything with, after I tithe it up!" 

These three have been giving horse rides to one another. Oh, the giggles!! Until they're cries, of course. 

Everyone also likes to be doggies. All the time. Which is good, cause our doggie is the worst. Sunday she ate four sausages off the kitchen table. Monday she pooped in the house twice. Tuesday she ate the kids quesadilla off the table. She's the worst!! She should be very grateful that Monday and Wednesday were good weather, because she earned herself quite a bit of outside time. 

An obligatory sleeping girls picture: 

And I found new rugs for the basement! Lego's don't get lost in this. Sold our old for $50 and got two for $40. I love a good level up like that. 

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