2018 chapter 41: October 10

Bryan built us a new computer! And I brought down a lamp so he could have better lighting - the kids, obviously, figured out how to make it theirs. Did some great shadow puppet shows. But now I sit here trying to get used to a new keyboard, but having the USB port work the first time without having to blow into it...that's nice. Oh, and loading pictures in a second, that's amazing. 

Pulling all the Lego's out on our new rug - none got lost in the shag! And we've been working really hard on cleaning up after ourselves. They get coins when they do chores and clean up, it's being very effective! The other day I told them they could vacuum if they cleaned up the floor - they realized that nothing could be on the floor or else they'd vacuum it up, so they cleaned up better than Bryan does. 

We've done it a few more times. They all kept putting little bits of trash in front of the vacuum, so funny. During Wade's turn today he asked me if he could move the trash cans, cause it was dirty behind them - sure thing buddy! The most effective cleaning motivation has been telling them that they can play with phones - Wade cleaned the entire upstairs, his room, the girls room (even their closet), and my room.   

Conference weekend. They cuddled about 5 minutes - which is super long in toddler time. 

Wade's been going around saying, "oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!" Like the Victor on Despicable Me. We have not watched that in ages, where did he pick this up?!

Jac's second head of bed head. 

We've been working on counting more and our ABC's. The best is that I keep hearing Wade tell his sister's that he'll teach them to count. He's actually the most effective teacher. 

Blake helped me make breadsticks - her dough was not made into anything that was eaten. 

Both girls now have two babies that they need to carry around. I'm sure all girls do this, but having twins carrying around their twins is adorable. What's not adorable - having to find two blankets, four babies, two toy phone and whatever else is deemed important at nap time. 

Saturday was Wade's last week of soccer. He was so upset because he didn't score a goal cause he threw a tantrum instead. His aggravated run here cracks me up.

Wade colored a picture this week - colors in the right places and kind of in the lines, he showed me and I was so impressed, when did he get old enough to be able to do stuff like this? There was an apple on it and later he ate an apple that was red/yellow and he told me (referring to his picture), "My apple is red, and it has yellow on, but you can't see it, you know why? Cause it's on the back side."

One night I was tucking in Wade and said that his blanket smelled a little so we would wash it the next day. So, naturally, first thing the next morning he tells me, "Mom, can we wash all my sheets and blankets? They just smell so bad and I'm tired of smelling them!" 

Jac using Wade's telescope to look at her Shopkins. 

 Wade's been rolling his eyes so hard that his head has to roll too...occasionally rolling with such sarcastic force that he falls over.

Blake keeps coming up to Bryan and telling him to roar at her so she can scream and run away from him yelling, "Ahhh! Monster!!" She also loves making you tickle her so she can wiggle away, just to come right back.

Blake is the hardest of our kids to understand - not always though, sometimes I understand every word and other times it's total jibberish - and I realized today that it's cause she talks under her breath, like she's telling a side joke to me. I'm her buddy and she's talking under her breath to me about these other hooligan kids.

Jac's been telling me, "I hear you!" when I repeat myself. Good to know she can hear me and is just deliberately disregarding me.

I found this picture at Goodwill for a few bucks - some things just speak to me. Isn't that what art is supposed to do? But, here's the clever and funny part that made me need to buy it: they're trash panda's and I hung it in Wade's room. Hahahaa! Trash panda's.

This computer doesn't have auto-correct and I'm realizing how many spelling errors I make.

Think we figured out a configuration that works in our new car and we're all a lot happier! Mainly because Jacqueline is in the back and can't touch another soul - and she feels super special! Wade was in back, but he says it makes his stomach hurt, I don't know if that's true or not, but I really don't need to clean up puke in the back. But I do have to climb in the trunk to unhook Jac each time. I think it's going to be really fun on snowy days. Looking forward to that.

My leg still hurts, but I'm seeing a little more progress, I can touch my knees!! Last night I went and hung out with friends and one of them had a gel nail light and someone painted my toes - which was wonderful because there is no current scenario where I can touch my own toes. Putting socks on right now is the worst. The other day I put on a pair of boots and I couldn't get the left one off and had to wear it until Bryan got home and could help me. Oh, life is funny.

I've taken the prophet's council and am on a 10 day social media fast and rereading The Book of Mormon before the end of the year. I also added on a 10 day pop fast. Only on day 4, nothing specific to report yet. I've been feeling things more prioritized and I'm able to get lots done. I've been getting more contacts for pictures. Blessing. I'd say they're unrelated, but everything's related. I keep remembering Elder Cook announcing the two hour block and saying those that follow the council given would receive profound blessings - how often are profound blessings promised? Makes me think of Malachi 3:10 - "pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it."

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