2018 chapter 40: October 3

We got a new car!!! And I kind of hate it. It's an Acura MDX - which is a very compact 7 seater. Well, I have two three year olds that can buckle themselves, but can't unbuckle themselves and one four year old that can unbuckle himself, but can't buckle himself. I can have two in the back and one in the middle row, but then I have to help awkwardly lean back there to help Wade buckle and then open the hatch to lean over and help Jac unbuckle...blah, blah, blah. It's okay if you don't understand, the main thing that I've learned in the last 2 days is that I wanted a car big enough so that children couldn't touch each other, but now I think I'm going to just put all three in the middle row. Only, this is a "luxury" car, so the middle bench is like contoured or something, so the carseats don't sit as nicely. Oh, and it's a smart car - it moves the driver seat based on what car key is used; cool, right? I find it annoying, I'm sure when I take the time to configure it it'll be fine, but right now the seat keeps moving really far back and Blake keeps freaking out cause I'm "squishing" her. And tonight Bryan took his brother on a drive in it and they turned on the air conditioning (it was mega hot and muggy today) and it started pouring water onto the passenger side floor. Don't worry, I just need to drive it for the next 5-7 years. I'm sure I'll get the right configuration worked out, get my own into programed in, and we'll get the AC issue fixed. And, it's over a foot shorter than our last car, so I fit in the garage easier. Oh, and it has heated AND air conditioned seats - which, will currently spill water all over the ground, but still cool....get that, it's cool. Here it is:

Here we are car shopping. Bryan was test driving and I had the kids going crazy in the contained car. Such a blast. 

We got a free pop at Chick-Fil-A. Blake snuck it from me and I don't know how long she was drinking it, but then she told me her tummy hurt. Then she threw up while I was trying to get her outside. It was a new moment of motherhood - a friend handed me her baby wipes, then I got a sanitizer hand wipe and then Blake went back into the play place. Real mother of three here. Ha. 

Me: Blake, you can't go outside, you don't have pants on.
Wade: I don't have pants on or a shirt on, can I got outside?
Me: Um, no buddy. 

Today we were at Target and Blake tripped, Wade and Jacqueline comforted her by giving her hugs and handing her their "treasures" - a shopkin and a coin. Oh, and they're all REALLY into coins right now. They've been earning them by helping out and they can put them in a jar - well, they're really good at finding coins everywhere we go, they're earning their keep. 

Did a photoshoot for a friend who started selling Matilda Jane clothing - I looked them up and they're kind of weird, but then I saw them on my kids and they're kinda cute. Not that it matters cause they're real expensive. Jac stole the show with her being her. 

Wade built a robot friend named tippo. Made with bubble wrap, colored pencils and a flashlight. 

He also made a "show." It included some magic and a disappearing act and prizes at the end!! 

He makes such good use of his quiet time. He also had the idea to make his sisters "blind bags" with Grossery Gangs and Shopkins and wrapping them in tin foil and tape. His sweet idea got him out of quiet time so I could help him. He was excited to show the girls when they woke up, and the girls were the perfect recipients. 

Blake snuck some time as Owlet. Snagged it a thrift store this week and Jac has dubbed it as hers (obviously, I'm quite certain she thinks everything in the world is hers), and then she's Jacqueline Owlet! Sometimes she baby Jacqueline Owlet, and I get in trouble when I call her the wrong thing. She wore it to the library and Wade made sure to tell everyone it was just Jacqueline, not the real Owlet. Occasionally Blake steals in and then pretends to be Jacqueline Owlet too. 

Jac's self done hairdo: 

Wade snuck out of quiet time another time (he's clever) by asking Daddy if he could watch football with him, of course Daddy said yes. He made it five minutes, cause football is not as exciting as garbage. 

Blake keeps asking "cuddle me." It's the sweetest. Yesterday I laid next to her while she played with her Peppa's and then drifted off to sleep. Jacqueline falls right to sleep at nap time, Blake has to goof off a minute - opposite at bedtime. 

And then ending with a sleeping baby picture: 

Wait, I need to end with the report that we finished First Nephi in the Book of Mormon! It took us the whole year up to this point. Bryan reads to them in Portuguese and I read to them in English, and we never figured out how to coordinate, so we've reread a lot...but we made it through! Maybe we'll be able to pick up the pace and finish by the time they're out of elementary school.  

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