2018 chapter 43: October 24

This week was long and busy and fun and exhausting. On Friday all the kids went to the doctor. Bryan thought he needed to go to help me, I told him I had it - I've always taken all three kids. Well...I was wrong. They did really great through the beginning and everyone kept pushing to go first. Then came shots. Three nurses came in. Wade got four. Shots haven't ever bothered him much, but I should've split them up. Two nurses distracted the girls and then Wade cried and it was terrible, but he took it like a champ and kept crying/saying "That's enough. Lets be done. This is too many shots!" He would be well spoken while being tortured. Then he got prize candy and a grossery gang and a nurse's ear to extensively tell her about the grossery gang. Well, the girls didn't see Wade, so Blake excited said she wanted to go first. She got her first shot and looked up at me with such hatred and betrayal in her eyes. IT obviously hurt, but she looked at me like, "how could you let them do this to me?" And she was ticked off. I tried handing her candy and her grossery gang and she threw them on the floor and wouldn't let me hug her. So I let her be ticked in the corner. Jac became very aware of the shots with Blake and I watched her face distort in fear for herself and for her sister. When we got her on the table it took three of us to hold her down - always give the strong one shots first! She let me cuddle her after as she cried, but while they were getting her band-aids on I saw Blake - still mad as crap - open the door and escape. I scooped up a bawling Jac and went after Blake. We were at the back of the building and she made it outside before I caught up to her. I snagged her and say on the floor between the outside doors and the inside doors (what is that called...a foyer?) comforting two distraught toddlers. Made me smile, this is my life. 

Kids are all healthy and normal. Wade's 85% for height - that's new territory! And Jac still has two pounds exactly on Blake - she got two pounds on Blake by two months and the exact same gap has remained. 

Everyone got a relaxing day watching Paw Patrol in a couch pillow fort. 

Wade made Jac a mom. Apparently being a mom includes pink sunglasses and tinker toy pieces in a star headband, cause it was only after all these items were in place that he dubbed her a real mom. He tells me regularly that he's going to make me pink sunglasses for mother's day, so they are really connected to motherhood. He also tells me when he's mad that he won't make me pink sunglasses, he really knows how to withhold. Look how happy this Jacqueline is! 

Our kids really like playing a game called family. I've never played. I'm not an idiot. Yesterday Bryan said, "Let me tell you what is not a fun game to play. Family. It turns into them all being babies and crying to mommy. And I'm mommy." I laughed at him, then gave him a kiss, cause that's a good daddy.

Wade made the girls instruments. Freezing and refrigerating is part of the creation process. The first series was made on Sunday. We're on series 5 or 6 now. Jac's broke before church and he said he'd make her another one. Then he popped Blake's on the way to church and he said he couldn't fix them cause it took too much work and he had worked extra hard on them. But, apparently he mustered the stamina to make more "bag pipes."

After church Wade told us all about being feelish. "It's feelish to lie and feelish to do bad things. Feelish is sad." His way of saying foolish was so cute and made even better by his abundant use of it. 

Jac is super thrilled about tights. They're pants and socks. So cool.

Night time books. This is a real gem from the library. It's about robots (great, which is why we checked it out) and it unexpectedly is full of "beeps!"  

We've been having some great weather and are finally enjoying a lovely fall. Yesterday it was so sunny and Wade said, "It's so sunny outside. Should we probably get some watermelon?" 

We've nixed naps most days. Maybe every 4 days the girls need to sleep. Typically on a day that they're so tired that everything sends them into a tantrum spiral and then mom says it's time for quiet time and that's an epic tantrum spiral, but then you're stuck in your room and tantrums are exhausting, so you fall asleep. 

Jac will holler at  me from the bathroom that she went pee and I'll go in there and she'll still be sitting on the toilet, then she'll pop up and say, "And poop! That a surprise!!" And then she laughs, cause she's so funny. 

Blake will run out of the bathroom after she poops and yells at me to flush it cause it, "so stinky!"

This horse was neglected under our deck. Brought it up this week for a...project (prank, more on that later) and the girls fell back in love. And, like true 3 year olds, they couldn't share, so they were just mad riding it together. 

Chick-Fil-A day! Just a picture of all the monkies in their cage. 

My friend had a baby and Jacqueline is obsessed! She found it really unfair that we wouldn't allow her to carry him downstairs. We're so rude. 

We changed out the light above our dining room table! It was the one hanging over the pool table, but we're getting ride of that, so we moved this upstairs. And because we needed the chandelier for our "project."

We do a thing called "The BroomStick Challenge" each year and we get put in teams to do an elaborate scavenger hunt. But the weeks before you get extra points by bribing the witches (who are anonymous, so you have to figure out who they are) and by pranking other teams. We're team black and our team name is "Walking the Dead," we're going to dress up like a funeral procession and I even made a cardboard coffin that we'll carry around. Well, we "killed off" all the other teams and wrote ridiculous newspaper articles, medical reports, limericks, and obituaries to let them know. Then we dropped them off along with the "cause of death" and a bunch of the "personal effects," aka, crap from our houses. One person got the bouncy horse and a pedal-less bike. One person loves gardening and got all my dead marigolds (not all, that was ridiculous, they got about 1/4 and they thought that was a lot!). My favorite was dropping off ten 50 gallon buckets of expired wheat...given to someone that I know got rid of all their food storage wheat this year:

Then, there was our crowning jewel, we made an estate sale on someone's yard - complete with a carpet rug remnants, a couch we found on the side of the road, and terrible art from a team members high school days. 

But, the next morning Bryan had to leave early and he found this on our driveway. 

And this on our door. 

I posted everything for free and it's all gone except the couch. Which, y'know, is the most annoying part. But it'll go. This corner of my driveway is pretty magical. It'll go. Otherwise, we'll take it to Goodwill tomorrow.

Yesterday I went to a Q&A about a nursing program I'm interested in. I learned that I think I'll wait to start the program for when my girls are in school. That's the main answer I wanted, so glad I have the information needed so I can plan accordingly.

It dawned on me this last weekend that our ward Halloween party is this Saturday, so I have to get costumes done this week! Almost finished Wade's today. Partly done with Bryan's. In my mind, the biggest part left shouldn't be too hard, but I also foresee me messing it up. T-minus 3 days!

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