2018 chapter 44: October 31

 Happy Halloween! We were space people and Wade was our space robot. Wanted to do a photoshoot in a grocery store of the space family assimilating to earth life, but we got a neighborhood shot instead.

Our kids were so excited to go trick or treating. We got a taste of it at the ward trunk or treat (and our friends came and my girls were thrilled to have their buddy with them!), and they've been talking about it ever since. Tonight we were going around and Wade started picking up candy off the sidewalk and Bryan was feeling bad that some poor kid was losing all their candy. It was Blake. She was dragging her bag on the ground and there was only one piece in it. She didn't even care (or notice?). She LOVED trick or treating and was the quickest to go house to house. Jac brought up the rear (surprising) and wanted to hold my friends hand all night, I think she was waiting for her, even when she went home. Wade did great, but was the first to be ready to go home and when we had 4 houses left he wanted to give up the ghost and was DONE being a robot. Then a candy fell on the ground and he couldn't bend over to pick it up (even though he'd been picking up candy all night). 

Wade's robot costume lit up. That's important for you to know. Cause it was awesome. Jacqueline and Blake were great with their costumes and would keep their antenna on cause I'd remind them about candy. But then tonight at the Halloween party we went to Jac became very aware that being a princess was an option and she was quite disappointed that she was not a princess. So she found a mermaid dress up and went trick or treating as a mermaid. 

Last weekend we did our annual Broomstick Challenge scavenger hunt this weekend. I made a coffin for our team costume (we were Walking the Dead) and we won best food.

We put all the food in the coffin - they were all body parts. I made cauliflower brain with aioli sauce and breadstick bones. And we had apple pie intestines, cake ball eyes, and a cheese and prosciutto hand. 

No words for my Blake. 

Still no words, except now she's in a box. 

Eating trunk or treat spoils at church the next day. My favorite tradition. Except it was fast Sunday, which I forgot; fine for my kids, but I had to sneak my candy. I tossed the girls church clothes downstairs and Bryan put Jac in the yellow dress and yellow pants and Blake in the floral and floral. I should've gotten a picture of that. Bryan stands by his fashion choices. May I not die before my girls can dress themselves.

I got called into primary. Wade got picked to share his favorite song, which was Twinkle, Twinkle. As we all sang he had his back to the group, then got brave enough to turn around and sing, but apparently couldn't muster the strength to open both eyes. I also got to hear him make a few comments on how he could share his testimony, and they were more applicable than most other comments! 

I have no idea what was happening here. But it happens a lot. They've decided this chair cushion makes a good slide. I now have to get rid of this chair. Kidding, I'll just have to ruin their fun and make a way to tie it to the back. Do you see the closeness and sharing? I guess this chair is a magical peace chair. 

Okay, back to my girls needing me to help them dress. This bag chip clip has been fought over this week. I guess it's this weeks most valuable toy. 

And Jacqueline always takes the cake. 

Found over 2,000 pictures that Jacqueline took this week. Some of them are actually pretty sweet. Look at the thoughtful little photographer. 

And here she is, not stealing the cake, but stealing candies and hiding under the piano. 

I finally got some stretches that are helping my leg. I got a blessing this week, and now, hopefully, the healing will speed up. Going on month three with this. Well, that's dramatic, I hit two months on October 25, so I am technically on month three...cause it's annoying and I wanted to be dramatic.

When we got back from trick or treating tonight Wade declared that it was time for me to take down the Halloween decorations, cause it's over until next year (he also had to say that next year we'll have Halloween again and go to the doctor again, just to tick off his sisters). So guess that's what's on the docket for November 1 - clean up Halloween.

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