2018 chapter 51: December 19

Tomorrow I turn 32! To celebrate I went to the store to get beans and forgot beans. I continue to walk like I'm 80 (which is getting better). And I went to the dentist and things are so bad, that I have to go back for a consult. Woohoo!

Bryan went to the dentist last week and got a root canal today. Good thing I've been working a lot so we can pay for our teeth. And good thing I know a good endodontist (that's who I work for, FYI) and he did give us a break and whitened Bryan's tooth for free (it was a front one and he got hit at some point and it died.)

Okay, onto more fun things. Which, I joke, life is really fun and good right now. 31 has been great and I think 32 will be even better.

I finished doing all my Christmas deliveries and had to take one thing to the post office, my kiddos started singing "Jingle Bells" and before I could quiet them everyone started clapping and thanking them for spreading some cheer. Then we walked across the street to the library to take a potty stop before heading home (we were 45 minutes away, it was out longest delivery day) and the library was soooo cool! (just realized Wade's digging for gold in this first picture, hahahaha!!).

A few things I learned at the library: Wade's pants are too big at the waist (and too short?) and his underwear was on backwards. 

Back to "Jingle Bells." On Sunday morning I was getting ready and listening to all the "Jingle Bell" versions being sung. Wade was singing the whole thing at the top of his lungs, but he doesn't really know the words, so he sings it like a non-English speaker singing along and making the correct sounds. Blake's singing a version she made up and saying, "Jingle bell, jingle bell, bom, bom, bom, bom." And then she laughs. Also, she sings it totally monotone in a low voice. Bryan sang the correct version, trying to guide everyone and was ignored. Jac was dancing along, but then the sausage was ready and some things are more important.

Bryan taught Wade to sing the Batman smells version, but Wade's version came out, "Jingle bells, Jingle bells, pretzel boy laid an egg bird."

At church Wade made some great "art."

"Wade, is that a robot?"
"No (hehehehehhe), it's a box cooker! And that's his heart."

"This is a machine that spits out garbage. It's a maker spitter." 

With finishing up work we've been having lots of Christmas fun. We made cinnamon salt dough ornaments. Everyone tried to eat had to try to dough and realize on their own that it was a bad idea. And we dried some oranges to put on our tree. Then we decorated a gingerbread house. Jac ate mostly ate candy. Christmas cheer crap is so fun. 

Jacqueline's been getting me to do her hair however I go mine. Straightened. Round brushed. Curled. Sometimes Blake gets in on it. Jac is my girliest girl. Blake gets in on it when it seems fun and she's not "busy" with anything else (she tells me all the time that she's so busy and can't do whatever I'm suggesting. Eating. Getting dressed. Ect.). Jac somehow convinced me she needed eyebrows. It turned out not bad.

The kids got nativities from church and we put them all together. The girls had to sleep with theirs.

Bryan got himself a golf simulator. It's going in my front room. So many ugh's. Then our car died and our teeth suck. That's all a sidenote, but all add to my really loving this thing. He accidentally got an unfinished impact screen (which saved money!) and instead of returning it, he figured out to finish it himself and learned to sew! We had some hiccups (tension stuff. I learned a lot!) and he learned to unpick too.

Off to bed, I need my beauty sleep, cause tomorrow I wake up another year older!

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