2018 chapter 50: December 12

Wade turned FIVE!!!! We had a Grossery Gang birthday party ON HIS BIRTHDAY with 10 friends (plus my 3 kids) and he loved it - up until he opened his presents (which was insane, I don't even know who got him what cause everyone was trying to help him and he was trying to do it himself), and then he was ready for everyone to leave so he could play with his new stuff. 

His party was complete with Putrid Pizza, Sticky Soda, Moldy Veggies and Stinky Cheese. He actually came up with the food ideas. I decorated with all his Grossery Gangs (plus a bunch I got from a lady that he had never seen and my real gift to his was sitting and listening to him talk all about them!) and with saved up toilet paper rolls, which he thought was hilarious. Oh, and balloons and "slime" cut out of table cloths. He was so impressed. The next morning he woke up and declared that it wasn't his birthday and his decorations needed to come down, and that it was probably a good idea to put them in his room. 

Since it's been a madhouse of pulling out toys and activities that he got (I did tell everyone that asked to get him art stuff). He has a box of crayons that he carries around and takes to bed with him right now. Someone gave him window crayons. They're the coolest and the worst. But look that that WADE written up there! 

Grandma got Wade Paw Patrol stuffed animals for his birthday (mom, I found a few second hand, so he got all Paw Patrol ones and the girls will get their girly ones for Christmas. I know you'd be confused). I did some quick Christmas shopping with everyone (so dumb) and Blake fell in love with a kitty I got her, but it's been hidden in the basement. They were going to be that night and Blake starts crying for her "kitty cat!" Wade came out of his room, Daddy told him to get back in his room, but then  he explained that he was going to share one of his Paw Patrols to make Blake happy. Then Jac needed one and Wade gave her one - he got three and only got to sleep with one. So sweet. 

Jac found this doggie at Goodwill. It was $3.99 and I had a 25% off coupon. So we snagged it. I'm sure whomever donated this to Goodwill was a mother of multiple children and she made a quick ditch of it while her children were asleep. Why do I think this, because it has brought nothing but chaos, mayhem and disorder to our usually totally harmonious home. Jac has deemed it hers, but she'll kinda share with Blake. Wade wants his own turn, not to share, but that is not okay in Jac's book. This morning Jac was watching a show and Blake was playing with doggie - I was getting ready in the bathroom when I heard that Jac discovered this. She stood in the doorway to the laundry room and screamed at Blake and when I got down there Blake was cowering in the corner crying while Jac continued to wail. 

I've been working like crazy though the holiday season. Did 9 hours today. NINE! Some of it was during playschool and some after Daddy was home, but still. It's been crazy. My house is very messy and my leg is very sore. But, I feel so grateful. As I ran out to deliver something this afternoon I snapped this picture and was filled with gratitude for these jobs I've been able to piece together while being a stay at home mom. How cool is that? Course, I'll be beyond grateful when things slow down so that I can actually enjoy them and be with them more, instead of giving them activities to hold their attention while I get stuff done. And they've been the best little workers, they all say how they're helping me - plus they get treats. 

Wade keeps talking about the gorgeous lights. I love that he calls them gorgeous. 

So, we've been hit with the puke's tonight. Two out of three kiddos. Wade went down first (always, for some reason he's always first) and then Blake fell....but she did work herself up and was throwing a tantrum cause Wade got to be downstairs, and she has a nasty cough, so I'm not convinced she's really a goner. Gave everyone a bowl and this is what the girls did (what a horrible picture!):  

Wish us luck as we're still getting over the first cold of the season, and now we've got the first pukes. Guess I won't be working tomorrow though, so I'll get a break :).

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