2019 chapter 4

We've been playing outside! And I cannot stop laughing. Jacqueline can't figure out how to lift her feet and make her little sled go. And every time Blake falls off her sled she stomps around grumbling "so frustrated"! And Wade keeps reciting every single moment as it happens on repeat. Oh, and then there are the crashes - today Jac and Wade ran into some bushes and they hit and then a second later they exploded off the sled, gloves were everywhere and they were both dazed (I could tell they were fine) and I almost peed my snow pants. And everyone is obsessed with eating the snow (Wade will tell you all about what snow/ice/water is okay to eat and what is gross).

And Jac would only compromise and wear her hat if one ear was out: 

Wade thinks this snow clump looks like a dress: 

See, Jac can't figure out this sled thing. She basically does the splits as she sits on it (cause I tell her to hold the handle, and apparently the only way to do that is to mount her sled in the splits) and then I tell her to lean back a little and she leans back all the way and sled for a second until she leans back far enough and she's just laying on the snow. Oh man, it's my favorite. Then she leans back and tells me it's not working and  I continue to laugh as I try to help her. 

We've been doing "experiemts" (experiments) that Aunt Lizzy sent us for Christmas, we do about one a day and need to restock our supplies, cause they're still the coolest part of the day. Wade asked if he could look at the instructions during quiet time and he started copying all the pages! The pictures and words. I'm still kind of in shock, so cute! He says this skittle page is the hardest cause he doesn't know how to draw that hand. He says he's doing this so he can take the instructions to Mexico so we can do experiments while we're there (cause we couldn't take a 5 paged book, but we could take a 5 paged recreated copy, ha!). We don't go to Mexico for 1.5 months, but my kids talk to me nonstop about what we're bringing. 

We were stopped at a stop light and Wade said, "That building says Minnesota." And it did. We've never told him that the building had Minnesota written on the side of it, I didn't even know he could recognize the word, but he did and I felt awesome the rest of the way home, as if I had anything to do with his smart moment. Then today he said, "I know another one of the numbers. 27. It's got two sevens." So, y'know, normal kid. And, hoping that needing to tell me all the numbers he knows in non-numerical order at random times doesn't become a thing. 

Sometimes you've got to hide under the stool: 

My kids continue to pretend to be the mommy and the daddy (and Blake always wants to be the Grandma, but they usually talk her into being the baby). Jac puts on heels or chapstick and says she's the mom. While Wade was being the daddy and saying daddy things, I overheard him saying, "I ate all the ice cream! All of it!!" Apparently that's what we parents do! I did finish off some blackberries this week (they left me 5) and when Wade found out he was disgruntled, cause, y'know, those parents, eating all the good stuff (usually I make sure they don't even know about the really good stuff). 

On the subject of eating, we stopped giving our kids as much milk. One of their sippies broke and instead of buying a new one, we threw them out. They still can have milk, they just don't care anymore. The result, everyone is starving all the time. Their like hobbits with their second breakfasts and 9:15 snacks and elevensies. From 8-10 yesterday Blake ate a chocolate sandwich (PB&J + nutella), an egg, cereal, a banana, wheat thins, fruit snacks. Since going off milk Blake also frequently tells me her tummy hurts and I tell her she has to poop and she does - the kid had such weird, hard poops with so much milk that she thinks she has a tummy ache when her body is just telling her to take a dump. 

Monday a chunk of my tooth fell out:

A filling fell out of it about a year ago. The a month ago I chipped it. I already had an appointment scheduled for a crown. It had been feeling like there was pressure on it, so I flossed it in case any food was stuck in the cracks and it just fell out. Called my dentist and they moved up my appt to next week...still 8 days away from when it fell out. It's not hurting, so I suppose not an emergency, but it feels somewhat more urgent than a week+ away. Also, my tongue is destroyed.

Bryan fell asleep and dreamt about eating nacho and then he bit his tongue and woke up kinda angry and it was hilarious.

I gave up Dr.Pepper. I know, I know. I've done this before. But, since I was pregnant with the girls I haven't been off caffeine. I've always supplements someway with diet drinks or excedrine, but I'm off DP and caffeine. Making myself reach for better snacks and feeling more energy. I've felt for a long while that I didn't want the need for DP and the addiction to caffeine, but it's hard to break the cycle. But my body needs help healing, and no matter how much good stuff I put into it, I was always putting in a bunch of sugar and chemicals, so I needed to cut it. This week I've felt like garbage. My leg and back continue to hurt and have seemed to gear up, my tooth fell out, I've had a constant headache. Detox is fun. But today I started feeling better and I'm really proud of myself. As I drink water and eat more veggies and fruit I feel more energy. Woohoo!! Now to stick with it, cause I usually start feeling really proud of myself and then treat myself to a Dr. Pepper (face palm).

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