2019 chapter 5

Biggest thing from this week = the -56° weather. With windchill. Not that that lessens the crappy coldness of this week. In Alaska the coldest I saw was -35°, but I never knew what the windchill was. Real feel here got down to -31°. But, at least I see the sun here. Oh, arctic vortex. I told my kids that's why it's so cold and because I knew that then Wade would talk to me about the Arctic Vortex, he did, it was adorable. Our stove stopped working for a bit today for unexplained reasons related to the extreme cold. I've got all my cupboard open to help keep appliances warm - as opposed to every day when my cupboards are just open. And we're running the garage heater so that there are no issues with the pipes that run in the wall between our garage and living room. All things we know about because we have access to the wisdom on this house from the last deep cold snap. 

I put socks on Stella to go outside. She hated it and then I had to go outside to pick up the socks. Now I coax  her into going out and celebrate when she gets in like she won an award, which, pooping outside when it's this cold kinda deserves an award. 

All the schools have been cancelled all week. That 0% affects us, but we've still been pretty home bound and that has lead to new games/pass times. On is cutting banana's with "mommy daddy knives" aka, butter knives. 

We had friends over for dinner on Sunday and I brought up the high chair for their baby. I keep going to bring it down, but it's been such a form of entertainment, that it stays right here in my kitchen. Jacqueline can somehow get across the whole kitchen while seated in this thing. 

Wade can get snacks from anywhere I hide them. I didn't know how he did it, until this week when I caught him using a pair of tongs and a stool. Smart kid.

On our first day shut in Wade decided he wanted to clean the house and surprise me. He told me to go upstairs. He helped the girls clean their room and he cleaned his room + the living room + the basement. It was a shove-things-under/into-other things kind of a cleaning up job, but it looked good. I came downstairs before he gave me permission and he was devastated that I ruined his surprise (y'know, the one he had told me about). I promised I hadn't seen anything and that he could keep cleaning. I finally made it all alright by telling him we could wash the couch. So weird. Here's the devastation: 

Today we took Daddy to work (cause his car was real grumpy at him yesterday after being left in the cold. Perk of him working 5 minutes from home) and then we drove over to a friends, parked in her garage, and played for 4 hours. It was great. And felt great to be shut in together. Plus, she had good snacks. 

Tomorrow we plan to make play-doh. Oh, that reminds me! I made up a dinner tonight and it was so good (fresh in our memories would be some made up dinners that weren't so good - sweet potato soup comes to mind). It was fish with a creole seasoning and a fresh salsa of cilantro, red onion, lime juice and oranges along with a fake aeoli sauce. Someone needs to come to town so I can make it and they can ooo and aaa over it. I'm not offended if you wait until the summer, we're not very appealing at the moment. 

Blake loves to get Bryan his slippers. She loves it. He loves it. No matter what she's doing, he can ask her to go get his slippers and she'll stop and go do it. Happily. She also always knows where his slippers are, better than him. Today, all the kids were eating ice cream (as the prize for eating all my delicious dinner, which was so good it didn't need a prize) and Bryan couldn't find his slippers, so he asked Blake and she got up, left her ice cream, found his slippers, and brought them to her Daddy. So cute. 

Wade dared Daddy to jump as high as him on the donkey. He couldn't. 

Watching Daddy leave for work. This is one of the most important daily rituals in this house. Often if someone is still sleeping, the others wake them up to make sure to wave to daddy. Currently the spot on the right, over the heat vent is quite fought over. 

Yesterday I got chocolate syrup to make chocolate milk. We've been mixing it up in a pitcher (FYI: you've got to shake it to make it good!) and we're almost our of syrup already. Look back to the beginning of this paragraph, I bought it yesterday. It's been a hit. At least I bought the kind with extra calcium + the milk has calcium (duh), so it's basically good for you. Oh gracious, last night I was so gassy and I'm just now connecting the dots - two cups of chocolate milk. Makes sense. Shoot, I already drank a cup tonight...Imma go see if Bryan wants to cuddle. 

All these people need are toys to transport their toys: 

The other day Bryan started playing a game/telling a joke to our kids. Went like this:

B: do you like steak?
Kids: yes
B: do you like cookies?
Kids: yes!
B: Do you like steak cookies??!
Kids: ewwww, noooo!!! (hehehehehhe)

B: do you like broccoli?
Kids: yes
B: do you like cake?
Kids: yes!
B: do you like broccoli cake??!
Kids: ewwww, nooooo!!! (hahahaha)

B: do you like pop?
Kids: yes
B: do you like ice cream?
Kids: yes!
B: do you like pop ice cream?
Kids: ewwwww, noooo!!! (hehehehehe)

And then we introduced them to root beer floats and we've had them every night since. Maybe I should let them know that steak cookies and broccoli cake are not things, just because pop ice cream is.

I booked another wedding photography job for this summer, I've got three now! Very excited.

I got two fillings today, in prep for getting a crown in a few weeks (to fix my tooth that broke and fell apart on me). I love putting my money where my mouth is. It's my favorite. But, in case I live until I'm 97 like my grandpa, I'm taking care of my teeth! Oooo, and I've figured out some stretches that are helping loads for my back (yeah, I switched ailments there, but thought of living until I'm 97 and how my body feels like crap now, but it's starting to feel better....that's how that went) I've even been able to stop taking pain meds, instead I'm stretching about 3-4 times a day for about 5 minutes whenever I feel like I'm getting shooting pain - still going to do some PT, but still excited to feel like there's something I can do. 

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