2019 chapter 6

 I went to physical therapy for the first time today! Finally. Astonishingly I'm not healed. Turns out I have to keep going back. Haha. Kidding. Well, not about going back, I do need to do that. But I feel hopeful and excited. I got exercises and info that'll help me. Woohoo!

We've been getting more snow and continue to have some shut in doors day. Blake's been making the best of it with play-doh. Everyone lasted about an hour, but Blake lasted over four! She even took a lunch break and then got right back at it. It was homemade play-doh, which dries out faster and disintegrates quicker too, plus a bunch ended up on the floor - which Stella ate, then drank all her water, then threw up - so we ended up with about 1/3 what we started with.

More indoor activities. Cause paper on the wall is waaaaay more exciting - especially for Jacqueline, cause then she can "accidentally" color on the wall. Stella's also been eating crayons. 

Jac got a hold of a blue sharpie. It's been a week and I'm still finding things she drew on - a sheet, the wall, their dollhouse/bookshelf, the wallpaper in their room, more sheets, a pair of pants, the banister, my skirt that I was going to return that was hanging on the banister. Uuuuuuuuugh. 

Wade made this car wash fort. But not with real water, cause that would be crazy. 

It then got moved upstairs, which took a good half a day. I think he's brought up almost everything from the basement too and taking everything from the girls room too - today at quiet time he let them pick out a few toys. 

We tried on swimsuits and Jac's been wearing her's since. Both girls have been sleeping with their swimsuits like blankies. This has not helped curb the constant talk about going to Mexico (at least we're down to one month). She found some of my shoes, and, FYI, she can jump in them. 

Today Blake took pictures of her fruit snacks and kept saying, "they're so beautiful!" "this look great!" 

As we did bedtime one night Wade said, "Daddy, can you turn on a show for us in the morning? We don't want to wait for mommy to get up." Apparently I'm a lazy mom. But why am I still so tired? 

Daddy and I got our hair done: 

Wow, we look so amazing. Jac and Blake are getting really good at brushing my hair gently, it's the beginning of conning them into head massages. Maybe back rubs too. 

Bryan got a bug this weekend, just enough to feel like garbage and have to sit on the couch and watch shows and get his hair done by kids. Felt like a good excuse for me to hang out with him and "rest" my back. Which is when my kids had enough time to move all their toys from upstairs to downstairs to up stairs again. 

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