2019 chapter 11

We went to Mexico! Reporting on a trip (and on two weeks, cause we were gone last week) is overwhelming. But, here we go. 

Bryan was telling the kids how to say Mexico in Portuguese, he'd say "Me-he-co" and Jac would say, "Ho, Ho, Ho." 

Asked the kids what their favorite parts were. Wade said the pools. Jac said the birds (we saw flamingos and seagulls, but her favorite were some black crow like birds that were everywhere and she'd get so excited to see one and then say in a low, creepy voice, "I gonna get it."). Blake said pasta (we let her have leftover macaroni AND spaghetti. Apparently that was incredible). 

Also saw crocodiles, which I called alligators once before correcting myself, but the kids called them alligators the rest of the time, no matter how hard I tried to fix it. 

Rob annoyed an iguana and it zeroed in on him and I got my kids out of there. 

We got some pina-colada's off the resort and they tasted weird. Wade was used to drinking the ones I got one the resort and took a deep sip while my taste buds were trying to figure out what was amiss. Then it hit my throat and I knew = alcohol. He took a great nap that day (just kidding, he barely had any). 

Wade went snorkeling with Bryan while I stayed back with the girls. When they got back I wanted to hear all about it, but he said it wasn't good. His goggles didn't get a good seal and he got water in his nose/eyes/mouth. After a while I coaxed out of him that his cousin at an apple and she threw the core into the ocean and that was apparently the highlight. 

Look at these cuties at the beach! Jac got a blister from her flip flops the first day (and she talked me into/whined me into not making her wear shoes on the resort) and the sand kept getting into her owie, so sad. But everyone loved going out on the piers and seeing the fish. 

We napped almost every day. Vacation at the speed of 3 year olds. 

In a last minute decision we brought 5 carry ons and not one big checked bag. The kids loved it cause they each had a bag to run around with and occasionally ride. With the switch I left all my underwear at home and just had the few pairs that I took from the laundry and threw in - I was in my swimsuit so much and didn't even realize until Thursday (sidenote: got home and they weren't in the left bag. I have no idea where my underwear all went. So, there's that).   

The flight there had individual movie screens. It was awesome. It got delayed, but we didn't even care. We got in at 1 am and my kids were all awake. We got to our room at 4 am. I wish I would've taken pictures of all the places my kids fell asleep: budget car rental parking lot, in the rental car, in hotel lobby #1, hotel tram #1, hotel lobby #2, tram #2. Got to our room and they all slept in until noon. Thank goodness for black out curtains. 

We took a lot of tram carts around the resort and Blake made friends with a lot of people, she would tell me her opinions of them after they left. The first one was out late night tram ride when we got there and she said, "I like this guy." Sat next to a lady and said, "She my friend. I draw her a picture." And a guy kept making faces at her and she said, "I don't like that guy." 

The flights home didn't have tv's. I was not prepared for that. I was for the way down, but assumed we'd have entertainment on the way back. But I have little ppl who have fun everywhere. Blake kept making a house with her flight tray. 

Our last flight was on a two by two seater plane and Wade sat next to a guy and talked his ear off. There were lots of open seats, so I didn't feel too guilty, guy could have moved. But, I will say, the amount Wade talks has gone up EVEN more. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!?!?!

 We left the hotel at 9 am Saturday morning and got home at 12 pm on Sunday. Flew to Texas and got in the car to drive at home at 9 pm. Bryan said he wanted to try to get two hours in. After driving 1.5 hours he said he needed to switch. Well....since I don't drink caffeine regularly anymore, I now have a super power when I do drink it and I drove from 11 pm - 5 am. It helped that I was listening to Harry Potter 7 (which I cried like 11 times, even times that weren't sad cause I knew sad things would happen). We made great time, even hitting icy roads when we got into Iowa. Felt amazing to get home, sad as the temperature dropped, but it's been above 25 since getting back and that's not bad.

The day we got home I went to take a small nap that turned into a 5 hour nap that at some point all kids joined. Woke up at 8 pm, then went back to bed at 10 pm. We left the kids asleep and transferred them to their beds and they all got a solid 14+ hours in that night. It took me until Tuesday afternoon to feel mostly recovered and will likely take another week until the house is normal. Oh, and Wade has disappeared into his room pretty much since we got back, so happy to play and build alone.

We came back to even more snow and Bryan made the kids a race track around the yard and built them a slide/tunnel. It's been "warm" and the kids have been outside for 2+ hours at a time (well, until today when it started raining).

And, ending with a random pic of Jac. 

Now to watch some Netflix (cause I went a week without!) and eat some veggies (cause I also went a week without!).

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