2019 chapter 12

We went and saw Wonder Park this weekend (which, the park in the movie is called Wonderland and it's still bugging me deeply that the movie title was different). She builds a amusement park and Wade had to come home a build one for his Grossery Gangs. He's talked to me about his plans (need garbage cans cause people need to throw away their trash, obviously the first thing one needs to plan for with an imaginary park) and then about every stage of construction. There's a few tunnels and a slide. And he continuously hollered to Jacqueline that he was using scissors (and she would come running and strip down to her underwear, cause that's the rule cause she always somehow cuts her clothes). 

Took pictures of Wade, so Jac need me to take a pic of her too. 

And then Blake did too. Makes sense. 

We got a slime kit for free from a thing called "rebate unicorn." It was so fun. Well, not for me. I ignored them. It came with loads of different slime options and mix-ins (including glitter that I immediately hid). 

My ignoring did have consequences - Jac put it in her hair. It was more difficult than I expected to get out.  

Just the Jac getting a ball out for the Stella with a golf club. Big moment cause Stella actually likes playing with the kids (to some extent) and Jac is all over it!! Stella even lets the kids give her hugs when we first get home - Jac is also all over that and tries to get in first to get as much Stella love in before she goes back to being a hating booger again. 

I read this article about how Inuits in Alaska teach their children and pulled out a few gems that are actually really helping already. Because of this we now have a Whine Monster that lives in our house (it might be the worst and bite us in the butt) that will steal their toys when they're whining. Wade's been asking questions that I haven't thought out (what does it look like, where does he sleep, how come we NEVER see him?). Jac's that one that's always whining. Blake is super into it, like, super into it. I was laying down with them for nap and Blake was telling me all about the Whine Monster. She jumped in bed and pulled the covers up and said, "Hide from Whine Monster! He put us in as cage!!! And (pulling apart motion) and our eyes (put her hands on her eyes and pulled them back as if she had pulled out her eyes and squishes them in her hands)!" It escalated quickly. Very quickly. 

Blake calls the alphabet the ABC's, so whenever she sees letters she talks to me about her ABC's.

Kids had a game with the socks. They needed to carry them all around in bags. They also had to undo every folder pair. Why is that a game?! 

My physical therapist said she's proud of how my strength training is progressing, but my back still isn't healing, so I might need some steroids to get over the hump. It feels oddly good to have a professional say you're pain is bad, you're not a baby. Basically. But before I try meds I am trying an anti-inflammatory diet and it's way harder than I thought. I knew now sugar (difficult) but the other things! I wasn't prepared. Trying to eat fewer cards. Everything is carbs. I ate my burger tonight without a bun! I'm turning into a weirdo!! But I'm trying my hardest to give my body an environment to heal. It's been two days and I have the rest of Bryan's birthday pie in the fridge. Commitment. 

Bryan turned 30! We had a little party that adhered to his rules - Sunday night so ppl wouldn't stay too late cause they have work and school the next day, just dessert, and play a game. We did it all and then all the women and kids went home and the guys played golf - which went a little into Bryan's "not too late" rule, but it was overall good. I made a cheesecake and french silk pie and peanut butter m&m brownies. It was great. 

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