2019 chapter 14 (and 13)

I missed/skipped last week and heard words. Apologies. I didn't feel fantastic, but in reality I was finishing a book. Which, I'm now on the next book in the series and had to tear myself away. But, this weekly update with pictures and stories is one of my greatest accomplishments, so I will just have to stay up until one to read. 

Wade's picked up the phrase, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" And I am never thinking what he's thinking.

I moved all my craft stuff from the upstairs loft into the basement and most the toys into the loft. I am a master and moving crap around my house. But the kids didn't love playing in the basement much and now they're playing nonstop and can more easily take toys to their rooms (there used to be a trail of toys from the basement up to their rooms, now it's just covering my upstairs). Oh, they love it. The day I did it Blake held my face and told me to never make her playroom my office ever again. 

With the playroom they've had uninhibited access to craft supplies. Crayons are everywhere. Paper is being cut into confetti (and Wade figured out how to cut a "H," so we've got about 76 of those). And we made it just about a week before hair got cut. Blake cut her bangs. Front and center and to the scalp. Then Wade cut a little of Jac's hair in the back. Blake was so proud. 

What a horrible photo. But she was laughing too hard. 

Everyone started preschool again today! I managed to do Blake's hair so she didn't look like a total goober. First impressions are important - she can look like a goober other days, but can't have the student teacher getting Blake think "aw crap, I got a goober." Also, Blake was upset that I didn't give her troll hair (I think it's one pony tail? Or one messy bun?). They couldn't look at me, but look how ungoobery (and unboogery) all these little people are!! 

I think this might have spurred the hair cutting. Wade's been making his sisters princesses by doing their hair - especially in the bath tub he washes their hair. He also told me he'd like an outfit to dress up like a king. It requires a crown and a sparkly shirt. 

After preschool Wade was asking when he's going to kindergarten which made Blake spiral into a fit cause she wanted to go to school with Wade and not baby preschool. I got her out of it by talking about what kind of back pack she'll want to take to school (rainbow. Wade's not sure, he'd like to see his options) and then they all told me about things they're going to pack in their lunches. 

If you can't tell by the last story, Wade and Blake have been inseparable. They both really like busy things. Play-doh, slime, coloring, sandpits. Jac likes those things, but loses interest quicker, she likes to by physically busy. Interesting to see all their personalities bugging more. 

One afternoon Wade told me, "Wouldn't it be fun if I had a bathroom in my room? I could do so many fun things! Like play in water in my room and clean things!" Then he continued to talk about his adventure with an on-suite for a good 15 minutes with no encouragement from me. 

We've been cleaning up our yard. Gave all the kids plastic sacks to help clean up dog poop. They thought it was an awesome and hilarious job. The girls got bored and went out back and I asked Wade if he wanted to go out back too, he said, "No, I'll help and talk to you." He didn't help. But he did talk. He'll even interrupt himself and say, "Should I be quiet? I should probably stop talking for a bit." But he didn't. And I was stuck cleaning garden beds, a captive audience. 

Other trash they found. Wade's been walking around with a bin picking up trash. Kid has his niche. Also, the pop cans are from Bryan and his brother and dad shooting them with BB's, I didn't let cans just roll around my yard. 

The kids have been escaping outside every day. It's so lovely. Freedom to go outside without a million layers. Not needing heavy duty gloves and being able to use socks (??). And Jac being able to freely wear her plastic Barbie shoes. True joy. 

And to ensure that mom takes these Barbie shoes as serious footwear, they got put away with the adult shoes: 

 Slime creature creation:

 Jac's pine cone collection.

The bathrooms weren't open at a park we were at (yes, we've been going to parks!) so I helped Blake pee by a tree. Should I be worried how much she enjoys peeing in non-toilet locations? When it was time to go I told her to hurry cause I needed to go to the bathroom, she stopped and said in such a "duh mom" voice, "Why you not pee in the tree?" 

Oh, and an overly tired Blake was bawling one night cause she wanted a penis so she could pee standing up like Wade. 

Jac's started saying, "Sooo, how's it going?" As if she's trying to make small talk in an awkward situation. 

Jac also is in love with playing golf with Bryan. The moment he comes home from work she says, "You want to play golf?!" He's even been coming home to play with her. He really couldn't have hoped for a better situation, a kid begging to play golf with him. She's doing pretty good for a three year old - she hit it 17 yards last week. 

Kids learned about Jesus feeding the five thousand and walking on water, Wade's been drawing pictures of baskets of loaves and fishes since (we've got a bunch of "H's" and miracle pictures over here). 

Jac discovered she can do this: 

Blake discovered she can do this: 

Wade announced to me one night that the next day we would have a trick competition. But we couldn't start until we were on stage. The next morning I heard him telling Bryan about it. Then he handed me a box with nothing in it and it was a trick and he laughed so hard and I still am not sure what a trick competition entails, but sometimes I just do something silly and tell him it's a trick. 

Blake was cuddling me one day and I told her she's like a cat. She said, "I not a cat. I a Blake. Cat have paws!" And she showed me that her hands were not paws and then she cuddled and fell asleep. 

I got a root canal. Wasn't bad at all. I tried putting on chapstick and it was rough:

 I'm still trying to eat a sugar-free anti-inflammatory diet. I'm not sure if it's helping. We all came down with a cold that left me really tired, but when you're trying a new diet it's hard to tell what's really making you tired. While there are no big improvements, the other day I did have some sugar and my back/leg really hurt the next day. So, that's really cool, no improvements, but if I backslide I feel worse then when I eating sugar regularly. Good call body. You're awesome. 

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