2019 chapter 16

Last week all my kids were "kids of the week" at preschool. I was supposed to make them posters, but we were in the middle of a totally normal epic April snow storm and the roads were the worst they've been all year, so I didn't get poster paper (um....and I forgot) so I improvised and made "all about me boxes" and wrote a little blurb and put some crap in it and now they've been playing with them all week (especially Jac. And I put in an old almost empty lip gloss and it made her week). Here are the blurbs. 

And here's my favorite Chick-Fil-A sign. The weather really was crazy this week. But now it's normal. As in, I hydroplaned twice today cause it was raining so hard. But our grass is almost green.  

And yesterday was so warm we played outside without jackets (and Jac without shoes). They made a frog house. And I don't know what's happening with Wade's pant leg. 

And there are still winter toys everywhere that apparently work for spring toys too - if you can coerce your siblings into pulling you around. 

Wade continues to make shapes. All crafts are again required to be done downstairs though. 3 reams of paper were cut through, along with some grossery gang, two dresses, and one finger. Oh, and several walls have been colored on. 

He also made a telescope. They've been talking about all the things they can look at with it - right now ants is the top of the list. And Wade informed everyone that the telescope cannot be used to look at viruses. On Sunday they talked about faith being like a tiny seed and Wade had to inform his teachers that he knows something smaller than a seed....a virus. They thought it was hilarious. 

Wade cleaned up his room midweek and filled this huge trash bag. Part of the three decimated paper reams. He kept all the "wings" he's made, which are just jagged papers folded in half. For how many I have in my house I'm shocked I don't have a picture of them. He kept them and has been giving them to everyone and all his friends are genuinely excited about them. I later went through and cleaned and threw away some little pieces of trash in a backpack that were apparently important. He looked all over them for them the next morning - I even helped look even though I knew they were in the trash can that just got picked up. 

Wade keeps saying "at least" to start off almost every sentence. 

Last week the girls went to a birthday party and they had so much fun and keep wearing these flamingo glasses and whatever they're doing is 100% cuter and funnier. And Blake made a flamingo picture with feathers and I hung it next to her bed and she talks about it every time she goes to bed. Jac didn't make a picture, she's not into that. 

While the girls partied, Wade and I met up with a friend for ice cream and they had so much fun. Frozen yogurt actually, but being able to pick out their own toppings was the best. 

So back to Jac not caring about pictures real quick. I am learning so much about this little firecracker this year. To be honest, she keeps burning my hard. A friend subbed in primary this week and told me she finally understands my Jac struggle - she wouldn't sit the whole time until the chorister told them to stand, then she sat. The teacher told everyone that they got a glow stick at the end, but not to touch them yet, and Jac dashed forward immediately. She just kind of a stinker. But I'm trying different things. Like letting her have the window down while it was raining instead of fighting about it, and then she realized she didn't want it open and then we were fine. Also, running. She loves running. She's faster than Wade and can run around the whole way around and her eyes were bright with pure joy. 

I said holy cow this week and Blake said, "I not a cow. I just people." 

Wade informed me that the healthiest food is a burrito. 

Went to IKEA today and Blake kept telling everyone to come play in the temple:

Jac got en big girl Elsa braid today: 

I bought a new rug and I'm slowly showing Bryan that I can do color in the house - he keeps accusing me of being boring and monochromatic. All my kids know how to have a good reaction when I do something new in the house, they all came down and were all oooh's and ahhh's and JAc had to lay on it and give it hugs and kisses. 

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