2019 chapter 17

We had a wonderful Easter week! The day after Easter we re-enacted the scene at Christ's tomb. Since my table continues to be made into a tomb and everyone fights over who gets to be Jesus, Mary, and angels - there's no actual overlap on desired characters, but the fight is still apparently important. The re-enactments have included Jesus getting chased by a dinosaur.

And Mary took her role of being sad that Jesus was gone very seriously. 

We had an Easter egg hunt at our house with friends on Friday - hid the eggs by walking around and dropping them on the grass, and yet they were still hard to find for a 3 year old. 

And we had bubbles and side walk chalk. Along with a gorgeous day, it was perfect. 

Checking out their spoils: 

 Blake stole Wade's old shoes out of the goodwill bag and has been wearing them nonstop.

Wade figured out how to draw roses all on his own and it was a moment that made my mommy heart swell with love and pride. 

Blake kept hiding her candy filled eggs in her dress to sneak off to nap time with. 

Next day (same outfit for Blake) we went to an egg hunt at a park. It was a disaster. Everyone went so fast and Jac got one egg that I found for her and Wade and Blake only got a few - there were just so many people there, the eggs were just scooped up perfectly. All my kids did love the bunny (although I was hoping for a freak out). 

The other day Bryan informed me that he was taking Friday off to "make a weekend of it." I didn't know what we were "making a weekend" of, so I had to check and he said "Seeing End Game" (the Advenger movie that we're going to tomorrow). So, apparently we're making a weekend of it! 

Obligatory Easter Sunday picture (before Jac changed into her Elsa dress, Wade took his shirt off cause it was "itchy," and Blake drooled chocolate down her front). 

Jac's lips (aka, the most important item she owns. Which mean I must know where it is at all times, or I get to deal with a devastated Jac. Also, it's completely empty):

She continues to request Let it go braids. Today she let me do two and Blake informed me that she wanted an Elsa braid, not an Anna braid like Jac. Good thing Jac didn't hear or else I'd have to take out the "Anna" braids. 

Last week we went to the store and Blake wanted to sit in the front. I said fine cause I thought she meant she didn't want to sit in the way back - but she really meant that she wanted to sit in the front front. A friend picked them up from pre-school the day before while I was at PT and I guess she let her son sit in the front seat (the whole 0.2 miles to their house). Blake was devastated and instead of getting annoyed at her, I just picked her up and held her while she cried cause life can be so unfair when you're three. Then we all got in the car and had a friend with us and Jac thought someone would sit in the way back with her, but no one did, so then I got to hold and console that sad three year old with unmet expectations. The tears brought about a nap.  

This mom doesn't push her kids on the swings at the park. I'm so mean. But then they figure it out for themselves.  

I didn't write down enough stories this week. But we had such a fun week being busy outside. Kids built a car wash with junk from the back yard. We played with water beads. They helped me plant some stuff. I dragged them to the newly set up garden centers and they played in the puddles the hoses made, picked up flowers that fell on the ground, and helped me carry plants. We planted blueberry bushes and they filled their watering cans (that they got for Easter) up in the kitchen sink. We played soccer on the basketball court and had races (all on Jac's request). I split and moved hostas, hydrangeas and irises. Planted beans, peas, wildflowers, poppies, gladiolas, dahlias, and a few things that I already forgot what they are. It has been just the best week. 

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