2019 chapter 35

I am yet again annoyed at whoever bought the snacks for this house.

Went to kindergarten parent night!! And I learned that school starts on Tuesday. I thought it started next Friday (I don't know where I read that, but I did, and I even remember thinking "that's weird." I swear I did not make something that weird up), so re-calibrating to be ready Tuesday. It's only a few days different, but now it just went from 9 to 6 days. Wade's thrilled about the news. He's ready. We got him shoes today - two pairs, it was supposed to be one, but we bought one pair at Target and he was so excited he wore them out of the store, then we passed a Nike clearance store (step above...step down? from an outlet) and found him a pair that he gushed over. Wade doesn't care about apparel, so for him to gush, we bought them. Cause a five year old needs a pair of Air Jordan's. They were cheap. No regrets. That was the last thing we needed. I still need to figure out transportation - I assumed I was taking him, then Bryan said he'd take the bus, so I've been adjusting to that thought, and now I'm trying to figure it out and I think I actually need to take him. Killing it at parenting.

Sidenote: girls also got shoes today. Cause they were on sale. And they light up. And they did needed tennis shoes for SOCCER! Blake went to bed asking if soccer is tomorrow. We've been a lot about Wade, and she's ready for something to be about her. Which is funny cause...

The girls turned FOUR on Monday! Sunday night they opened birthday jammies with unicorns on them. Blake celebrated that night by waking up with a fever and croupy cough and a puke (just one, in a bowl). She woke up fine and immediately asked when her birthday would start and where were her decorations (apparently there was some confusion about a birthday vs a birthday party. Also, there was apparently an expectation for a birthday party). I went and got donuts and some balloons (needed decorations! Which, I was already planning on, but with a Monday birthday I had to get them the morning of) and they were a huge hit - I don't know why we got them anything else. But, they did love all their gifts - they got new dresses + necklace + bracelet + lip gloss + purse + music box + hair brushes. They loved it all and were so excited. But Jac really just needed balloons and lip gloss. Blake just needed balloons and brush. Each time they go to bed they have to grab every single present to take to bed - is there anything cuter than a girl sleeping with her hair brush? Jac figured out she could just put everything in a gift bag to really keep everything together, she's since been adding other important items to it and it's overflowing + ripping. We went and took picutres, had Happy Meals for lunch, then everyone napped. Then Blake and Wade both woke up with fevers, so they finished off watching TV and that's probably what they wanted anyways.

Oh, and Wade made them each crowns, and cut them up stickers and wrote them notes with their names and hearts on them. He wrapped them and everything. The crown:

And the chaos of the morning (along with two weeks of clean laundry):

The girls wore most of their gifts for their pictures (planned that, shocker) and they felt so cool. You better believe Jac applied her lip gloss right before.

And I got some dorky smiles, but it was there birthday, so that means no mean photographer mom. Not mean...just persistent.

Wade snapped this one for me.

Girls snapped some of me and Wade - took longer, cause they fought over it and a bunch were blurry and I was terrified for my camera. And now I need to get a bunch before Wade goes to school cause I love who he is right now and I want to remember it for forever - and remember him without grass in his face.

And a quick little walk through the years.





Each year I don't think they've changed that much (well, newborn to 1 and 1 to 2 is a big change. I guess I'm just so surprised to see the big changed from 2-3 and 3-4). It just all happened so subtly.

Wade had two assessments this week. In one they said, "A bird flies, a fish ____" and Wade responded, "Has scales!" In another test they asked him what rhymes with rose, he said, "A rose has petals and a stem and leaves and thorns!" We might not know about rhyming, but we know about flowers. One of his assessments were with is teacher (without us!) and after he told me, "You know those black pens of yours we're not allowed to use? I wrote my name with one! That was kinda crazy. I wonder why my teacher had me use one of them!" He got to use a sharpie. Biggest deal.

Bryan went on a work golf trip Thursday to Friday, then he had his bachelor/fantasy football draft weekend (guys got in Thursday night and I hosted them without him, ha!). One of the wives came and it was so fun to hang out with her. Haven't seen her in 5 years, so crazy! I took her to a thrift store and she had to help me carry out my treasures lamps for my guest room for $3 each!!)

And the kids got footballs (for $0.50) and demanded a picture too. Correction, Jac demanded a picture.

Went to the beach and as I got on my swimsuit I noticed a skin tag on my back looked bigger and weirder! I went to the dermatologist last fall and she told me it was skin tag, not a mole, but I was still a little worried. Later that day I realized there was a sit growing underneath. Phew. Just adult acne. Not cancer.

I worked out today and overdid it and I'm going to regret it tomorrow, but it felt good. Since we're getting on a schedule (for really the first time ever!), I'm attempting to get exercising into my schedule. It's going to be a BUSY fall: three kids in soccer, one kid in school, two weddings + fall family sessions to photograph, getting my nursing school application in. So many things starting at once! Just need to focus on balance. I told Bryan today that my only goals are to exercise and get dinner on the table - obviously other things will also happen, but they HAVE to happen, but I'm really good at spreading myself thin, so I need to fit my priorities in first. Really, this just means that I'm going to let my house get messier. Oh, and this blog. This weekly post is a priority.

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