2019 chapter 36

Wade started kindergarten! Jac cried a little after we dropped him off, but I suspect it's more because she wanted to go too. After school I was asking him questions and he told me he didn't want to talk (that's a first, but, for the record, he did talk pretty continuously) - kindergarten is tiring! The biggest take away was that 7 kids in his class bought lunch and everyone else brought it, but everyone had milk or juice and he was the only one that had water. And he wanted pears. So today he got a juice and pears. 

I didn't cry at drop off. Ran some errands and stayed busy, but as we headed home Jac and Blake were distressed that we still hadn't picked up Wade! I told them he'll come home at the end of his school day, and right then he was probably eating lunch - for whatever reason that made me tear up. Emotions are weird. Then at pick up (usually he'll take the bus, but for the first day I did drop off/pick up) we were waiting for him and it felt like I was waiting at the airport for someone I hadn't seen in forever - so much anticipation after 6 hours! Then I saw him and he was crying and it broke my heart and I teared up; then I went to him and found out "a backpack walked into his eye" and that he had a great day. Blake hugged him and gave him a kiss. Then we got to the car and all he cared about was finishing his snack. 

At home the girls were so excited he was home and I heard him say, "guys, I had a long day and I"m frustrated, just don't talk to me!" Everyone laid down for a nap and just as everyone fell asleep I woke them all up for Wade's soccer practice. Perhaps it was too big of a first day. 

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Today he was late because he had a dentist appointment. Remember how I thought school started Friday? That's why I made the appointment for today when he wouldn't have school, but in the real world, it was his second day. Oh well. He did great. He has one cavity, that I knew about cause he told me his mouth hurt one day and I looked it and I could see it and I feel like the worst mom. Jac had to throw a tantrum at the end cause she used up her sticker before we even left and wanted another. I had to carry her out, then when I set her down in the parking lot she was still mad and tripped over my shoe and face planted on the asphalt. Then we dropped Wade off and Blake threw a tantrum at the school and I had to carry her out through a bunch of kids that were on a school tour. All us girls took a nap this afternoon. We were all better for it. 

Before naps we went to my friends house to do a group work out (I didn't want to go after the tantrums, but more didn't want to deal with my girls at home...whatever motivates you to get there, I guess) and Wade picked some tomatoes for her. When he got home he saw the tomato bowl was empty and he was so annoyed that we went without him. I tried explaining that we do things during the day while he's doing fun things at school, to which he quickly decided that, "school isn't fun."

Wade took the bus home today. He informed me it was fun, but didn't have seatbelts and he was bouncing all over and had to reenact it for me.

Blake decided that if you bounce back and forth between the wall and the bed you're a chomper: 

Blake's everyone's favorite. 

When you're hungry, but also tired: 

We spent the last day before school at the beach. We got ICEE's beforehand and they didn't even have to do chores for them! 

Then we went to the playground at Wade's school. We were playing for awhile when Wade started hollering at me and he was pumping on the swing and had gotten himself going all by himself! He was so excited that he could pump before school started and that he could show all his friends. The next day he went to show Daddy at a different park, but couldn't get going on his own, so he's got a loose hypothesis that the school swings are special. Everyone had to be bunnies on the way back to the car. 

We were doing bedtime in Wade's room tonight and he was telling us about his music class (again, when I ask him questions about his day he says he doesn't want to talk about it, and yet he keeps talking about it all night!) and about how his teacher's piano can talk and that she has a rock that someone broke open and there are purple jewels inside (he was talking really slow and his eyes lit up as he got to the highlight of his story), Blake hangs onto his every word and is the best audience.  

The last week of summer everyone got a cold/fever that my kids passed around to each other. It was mild and resulted in ample TV lounge time and naps. Jac and Blake both threw up once into bowl and Blake coughed so hard once she threw up in her car seat and felt soooo bad because she couldn't hold it in (kids minds are so funny! She'd get in trouble if she peed on her car seat, so that translates to puking also holding blame?). And then Stella ate something and messed up her GI track and she kept pooping in my house all week, every morning I would wake up with spots to clean. Never have I ever been more thankful for my carpet cleaner. She ended up at the vet and got some antibiotics. It was a really fun week. 

I did a little thrifting on Monday. Found this dresser for $15. I continuously impress myself. Also found a new shirt that I was so excited about I decided to wear it for Wade's first day (cause back to school mom clothes are a thing, right?). So Tuesday morning I put it on and realized I got make up on the collar, so I put some spray on it, and from the smell I realized I put bathroom cleaner on it. Thank goodness it was a white shirt. Rinsed that, then did LAUNDRY spray. Through it all my shirt got pretty wet, so I used a kitchen towel to dry it a bit, but the towel had blueberry on it, so I had to re-spray it. Ended up giving it a quick blow dry and still wore it, just a bit damp. Dedication! And stupid. Mostly stupid. 

Sunday I took a nap and then discovered half a can of Dr. Pepper I hadn't finished. The combination had me still awake and just blinking at my ceiling at 2:30 am. I decided to get up. I organized the tupperware, fixed the hinges on a cabinet that hadn't shut right since we moved in, finished an art project for my room, started and finished an art project for Wade's room, online window shopped, worked on my blog, measured kitchen cabinets to see if I could rearrange (I can, Bryan will be so pleased), then it was 7:00 am and I decided to look for any Shipt orders, so I went to work for a few hours and made $110. Didn't go to bed until Monday night. Might explain why I needed a nap today. And I'm totally blaming the crying at first day pick up on the tired emotions.  

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