2019 chapter 42

I got my eyes lasered! And I can see!!! But, it was the absolute worst. Why does no one tell you it's the absolute worst? Everyone always says it's no too bad - that's a lie. That is a bold faced lie. On my first eye I was freaking out in my mind and then he brushed my eye a little and my leg literally went off the table - my body was ready to take flight! The second eye wasn't as bad, but I also made the two assistants give me their arms to squeeze. After I told them, "Well, I hated that." But, then I went home and went to bed (my friend took me and Bryan was going to pick me up, but they wanted my ride home to be there sooner than he could get there, so she stayed and I am so grateful!) and then when I woke up (and pried my eyes open from all the drops goop) and I could see! How cool is that? So maybe that's why everyone says it's not too bad, cause recovery is quick and then you can see. The goodness makes them all liars.

Wade had his nursery rhyme kindergarten program today! His class and one other class all performed songs together and then each kid said their nursery rhyme by themselves! Wade did so great. After we went to his classroom and I signed him out and I got to meet his current BFF, Abigail (she's in the pink dress on the right). 

At night Wade's been requesting ABC's as his song (then cleverly suggests a Jesus song too, AFTER I've sung the ABC's) and he's gotten into correcting me. I'll say LMNO all together, but he always tells me that I have to say them slow so we don't miss any.

We got our first snow! Kids loved it, even if it was barely a covering. And then they left their HUGE pile of snow clothes in a pile. So many snow clothes.

Unfortunately it snowed on the same day I had a wedding to shoot. But it went really well. It was in a beautiful Catholic Cathedral called the Basilica (the first one built in America! And no one could tell me the difference between a cathedral and a Basilica). I got to take pictures here!! And I even got to go up in the upper level where only the choir sits! 

I did get carsick in the limo. No puke, but when we stopped at the MN Sculpture garden I had to tell the bride I needed to sit up front, y'know, so the no-puke thing could remain true. And then I had some down time where I laid on the floor of the coat closet and felt like a real winner.  

At dinner I saw with some very devout Catholics and one asked me my faith and I said I belonged to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, when I could tell on her face she had no idea what that was I told her we're often called Mormons. She told the other woman I was Mormon, and I gave the gentlest correct saying that Mormon is a nickname we're trying to get away from because it leaves many people under the impression that we don't believe in Jesus Christ. After that they actually seemed more at ease knowing that they were sitting next to another Christian. It was interesting, and kind of cool. 

I finished the girls beds!!!

They're a little rickety, fine for a couple of four year olds, but we're working on making them more sturdy. I've just told them to not jump on them, and so they just reach from one to another - cause two beds next to each other, must be traveled between. 

You can't see in this picture, but since they've been in their own beds they've been hoarding clothes in their beds with them. Blake especially. Sometimes it's just what they want to wear the next day, sometimes it's what they could wear for the next week. Tomorrow's clothes are tucked under Blake's pillow here. 

Sunday Bryan stayed home from church with a cold. I planned to stay home with the ending of a sinus infections + beginning of a migraine, but then my kids came in and asked if we were going to real church (two weeks ago they were with Nana at the farm and last week was general conference), so we went! And Blake, who's been struggling with primary, did so great. And then I came home and went to bed for 4 hours.

Monday was 50% off thrift stores. We didn't get much, cause we didn't need much. Well, that's not true, that's never stopped me before - my kids were just turds, so I didn't find much. But I did fine this floor length formal for $10 that I apparently needed. Bryan jokingly asked when I will ever wear this - challenge accepted. I will find a reason. Or reasons. Multiple.

We ran out of peanut butter and Bryan bought some on his way to work so he could make himself a breakfast PB&J (cause any of our breakfast food at home wasn't good enough) and tonight Wade was asking him about it and Bryan said he left it at work and that made Wade soooo mad! He was giving Bryan the what for saying he wanted a PB&J for lunch tomorrow and he didn't want school lunch, It went on for about 10 minutes. I was downstairs and when Bryan came down I reminded him that Wade doesn't have school tomorrow, so Bryan went up and reminded Wade and Wade just said, "Oh yeah." Giggled, and went to bed.

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