2019 chapter 41

Went to the corn pit this week. They had a maze and blow up bounce houses. Kids loved it. Jac came out of the maze once so distraught cause a bunch of kids were pretending she was a monster and ran from her and she didn't want to be a monster. Wade ran into another kid head first in the bounce house and got a nice knot on his head. 

This has been my busiest week of the year for pictures (ending with a wedding this weekend). Lots of editing. Lots of pictures. Lots of prep. And I got a cold. It's been a busy, good week where I carried lots of kleenex's and cough drops and tried to pretend it was just the weather in front of clients. 

Oh, and I've been working on my dollhouse. The girls dollhouse. It's for the girls. I was going to keep is a secret, but I went to get Wade from the bus one day and they woke up from their naps and went looking for me and went into the garage and saw it. I came back and Blake's eyes were alight and she was muttering about a house, then she said a house in the garage and my cover was blown. In the 3 minutes I was at the bus stop. But now I can work on it in the open and they can hang out beside me and ask me if it's done yet and 100 other questions. But now it's an "us" activity that I'm doing with my children. Sort of. 

I got the kitchen installed yesterday (haha) and the girls played with it for a solid hour today. With no Barbie's. 

I tried remaking this chair in miniature: 

It failed. Like, if a Barbie sat on it she'd fall on her face type failed. 

Stella's been really cuddly and Jac is all on board for it. 

Girls did my hair during conference. Then they did Bryan's. 

Today was late start for Wade and he told me they had lunch right after they got there, and then recess and it was the best day ever. 

We got our snowsuits!

But before we have to dawn their snowsuits, I've been letting these girls wear whatever they want (I'm not a good mom, just not worth the fight) cause soon they won't...because it'll be winter, and I suppose cause they will eventually outgrow wanting to wear princess dresses and weird outfits. But mostly the winter thing. 

 This week is lame, sorry. But you read the whole busiest week and cold thing, right? Also it rained a lot and all of Wade's soccer was cancelled.

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