2019 chapter 44

As we walked out of the girls room Bryan reminded the girls that tomorrow is Halloween and Jac said, "I can't wait! Daddy, can you can't wait?"

We had our trunk or treat this weekend. My kids have their own opinions and we didn't have a family costume. Bryan and I were Wesley and Buttercup from Princess Bride:

Bryan even shaved a nasty mustache to complete the costume. "As you wish!"

The girls were pink and purple princenesses (their pronunciation), which are great for twirling.

And Wade was a recycling bin. Stay weird kiddo.

Great Aunt Gayle sent Halloween cards to the kids and every step of the way was thrilling: getting mail addressed to them, opening their individual cards, loving their cool cards, realizing there was money inside, brainstorming how to spend the money. All very exciting. 

Wade's been busy cleaning up leaves. Every morning he tells me to leave him so, and I promise I will. And luckily more and more keep falling for his personal enjoyment. We truly have had the most beautiful fall and our leaves are the best colors I've ever seen them + they're crunchy. 

Jac was helpful to Wade's cause for about 10 minutes. She refuses to wear a coat, but also doesn't complain as she looks at me with red cheeks. 

I decided to clean up Jac's artwork on the walls - over the last few months she's made quite a collection. As I did this, she, very fittingly, opened and used an entire box of bandaids. 

She immediately wanted these off. Of course.

One night Jac was sleeping sideways and as I straightened her out she woke up and gave me a hug, pulled back, smelled my breath and said, "You got candy?" I did have a starburst. She's good. I said yes, she smiled and fell right back to sleep. 

Blake's been packing herself a snack to walk to the bus stop. 

Wade had his soccer award night. His coach had nice things to say about everyone...not that I remember what she said. He was so proud of his trophy for a few days, and then somehow Blake commandeered it and has been sleeping with it all week. 

Wade counted to 100 in the car. That means I got to listen the whole time. Then he started going onto two hundred. Luckily we got where we were going. He is still learning and figuring out what set of numbers come after 29, 39, 49, ect. Sometimes it seems like he's got it, and other times he'll say 59....72? Um, no, buddy. 

Wade's also started a games where he omits letters from the alphabet and we have to remember/guess what he left out. The best part is that he has the biggest pause when he tries to figure out how to omit. Makes my part in the game quite easy. 

I found a leather recliner at Goodwill for $20! It was originally $40, which is a good deal, but all furniture was 50% off! I snagged it. No one helped me get it to/in my car (c'mon Goodwill! Lame). Then it didn't fit all the way in, so I went back in to ask if they had some twine or rope - nope (again, really? C'mon Goodwill!) so I ended up using my shoelaces to "secure" it in. It was pretty wedged in there. Thank goodness I was in my tennis shoes. 

Bryan went up to hang Christmas lights (in Minnesota you've got to do it early before snow and ice) and ended up taking down this satellite! Woohoo! We've never used it, and now it's gone! Light didn't get hung, I don't care if they don't at all this year - this being gone is worth it!

Kids watching daddy. They even went in and got themselves snacks for the show. 

A piece of roof came off and Wade was so impressed and mesmerized. 

And then EVERYONE helped daddy get down safely. 

The "master" of the dollhouse is almost done. I also just planted real plants in the little pots, because that's not crazy or anything. That's a paneled wall (how I plan to do a wall in the girls room, also going to be dark purple. Yes, the matching was done on purpose), a wingback headboard, a stair runner. Oh, and the quilt is the package bag that the girls sheets came in, so that'll match their room too! Ugh, this silly house brings me all kinds of joy.

I've been studying for my nursing test and, well, I remember being smart, but the pretests are telling me that I'm not anymore. But, woohoo for studying! 

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