2019 chapter 45

Halloween week! Well, last week. But it was Thursday and I need to report. I ended up in Home Depot with a couple of princesses. Blake lead the pack (that included some 9 and 10 year olds) and ran from house to house with Jac on her heels. At one house Jac tripped on a house and we had to pick up candy - right after we got her picked up another kid tripped on the same hose. Wade fell on a curb at one point and couldn't get up because he was a trash can and I was laughing too hard and couldn't lift him up. I brought a bag at the last minute, and it's a good thing I did cause the kids kept emptying their pals into it and filled up my bag! When we got back to our starting point Wade said, "Good things Halloween's over, cause we're overflowing." On the way home Blake asked, "Why do all these people still have their houses all Halloween'ed?" Didn't they know the holiday was over, clean up people! Kids went straight to bed and I sorted their candy. We made a great haul and took out all the Reese's.

Whoever made Halloween and daylight saving be in the same week is the absolute worst. 

Sunday I discovered that we have mice. Found droppings under our kitchen sink and then in our silverware drawer. Even typing it up now I have the squimish heebie-jeebies. I emptied the trash, washed everything. Monday I found a mouse in the trash - before it could get in and out, but with it empty it was stuck. I summoned all my bravery and put a bag over the can and we drove it to a field. The kids were giving me encouragement the whole time, "just do you best mom!" "Good job mom!" 

I was feeling awesome and started cleaning every where I had seen droppings - especially the food storage closet in the basement (where we originally found mouse dropping months ago and we thought we took care of it). Started vacuuming and found a good pile of poop that I went for and then another mouse scurried out and I freaked and stumbled over the hose and got my foot twisted in the cord, slammed the door and realized after that I left the light on. I am so stupidly terrified of mice - I irrationally think they're going to charge me. I think it stems from the Bernstorf's pet mouse biting me sometime sub-seven years old. A pest guy came out tonight and said where the mouse "attacked" me there is quite the nest there. EEEWWW! He said we'll still see them around for a few weeks, but that they'll die off...in our walls. Awesome. As long as it's not in my house! Now every speck of dirt and tile chip looks like mouse poop and every movement I see in my periphery is a mouse and a small screwdriver in the corner of my bathroom keeps making me jump (why don't I just pick it up?). My sense of safety and sanity has been violated. 

Wade: "I know something that rhyme with my name. My name is Wade and wave rhymes with it. Like, when you wave at the garbage truck." Yup, just like that. 

It snowed our first good snow and the girls woke up so excited that it was Wade's birthday! Because we've been telling them that Wade's birthday is in the winter. But we are just 30 days out!

Blake's been saying, "ya'taarrrr" when she pretends to be a pirate (which is often when she dressed up as anything, she decides she's a princess pirate or a fairy pirate). 

I cleaned all my walls of 6 months of Jac's drawing and then found this on a chair: 

Found the paint I like is being closed out and I got it for 30% off, so I'm trying to think of every project I want to accomplish this winter and buy all the paint. This is what happens when your mom is getting 5 paints mixed: 

My current project is I'm painting a rug for the girls room (it's been in the basement and I originally got it for $20). But it's taking so much paint it likely would've ended up cheaper to buy one. 

Wade had Monday and Tuesday off - I didn't realize this until someone mentioned it in a random group text; thank goodness or we would've waited at the bus stop and then I would've figured we missed it and I would've driven Wade to school. Glad we avoided that song and dance. But Wade was disappointed to have two days out and was so happy to go back today. 

Girls helping daddy. And getting to sit on the counter, as only daddy lets them. I've been avoiding my mouse infested kitchen. 

I organized a disco skate party for my friends birthday. It was so fun. I figured out how to skate backwards (very slowly). And in this whole ensemble it's the bright purple lipstick that felt overboard (it was brighter before dinner). Oh man, that reminds me, I ended up walking into the wrong restaurant looking like this and had to turn around and walk out when I realized I was in the wrong place...looking so stupid; it was embarrassing enough even in the correct place where my friends were there to greet me. On the one hand, I love being a party, on the other hand, why am I so embarrassing? 

One of my clients had a baby and I shot the birth! It was sooooo cool. I've never seen a birth, I mean, I've been at some (duh), but I've never seen one. I cried a little, a new life entering the world, so special and magical. This is my favorite shot: 

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