2019 chapter 51

Someone brought us homemade bread tonight for Christmas. They knocked on the door while I was pooping in the bathroom right next to the door. Bryan got the front door. The door to the bathroom wasn't even all the way closed (shut, but not latched) and they came in and started talking! So I swallow my pride and just walk out of the bathroom and say hi. The bread and jam was delicious, already half gone and only Bryan and I ate it. Moral of the story: if you can poop upstairs, poop upstairs.

We got hats from aunt Emily! They love the pompoms and matching and being able to tie them under their chins. Saturday Bryan and I finished hanging up some Christmas lights (with our new Christmas ladder!) and the kids went sledding on our hill. Girls lasted longer than Wade (cause he picked up a cold, more on that in a moment) for the first time ever. Somehow Jac kept ending up backwards on the sled and watching her face as she went down was priceless - surprise and excitement every time. And watching the girls sit way above where the hill started and tying to get it to go was hilarious.

Wade came home with a fever on Thursday. He didn't have one Friday, so I sent him to school and when he got home his fever was up again and it hung around 102 all weekend along with Monday and Tuesday. It wasn't so bad that it kept him down, just a little more tired. Girls also got a fever Friday that was gone the next morning, Wade just always gets any coughing sickness so bad. Took him to the doctor on Monday (had to make sure it wasn't pneumonia. Also found out it wasn't strep of the flu) and since I had been in twice the week before for a physical + TB test, everyone knew who we were and the girls were talking to everyone like they were best friends. His fever was down today, which is perfect cause all the fun holiday party stuff started today.

My car battery is going. It's really fun to wonder if your car will start any time you want to go anywhere. Luckily the last few days has been warm (above 25 degree), so it hasn't given me trouble. But nothing like taking your sick kid to the doctor and coming out hoping your car will start. It's a real party. Merry Christmas! You get to buy a new car battery. Stupid being an adult.

I don't know why the last thought made me think of this thought, but it did. My friends are throwing me a birthday party tomorrow! Woohoo! I'm going to be 33, thought I was turning 32, but then I did math and apparently I've been 32 all year. Anyway, my friend told me to send her my Amazon wish list (having a birthday near Christmas means I've got that locked and loaded) and she vetoed me list! She told me it was all boring and made me add things that I've been dreaming of. So I did, and it got vetoed again! Apparently kitchen drawer pulls or screw to make an acrylic frame are lame. Apparently I'm supposed to want scented candles and nail polish.

This was a week we were very grateful to aunt Emily - Wade and Blake played with the puzzle she got Wade for his birthday all weekend. It took them a few times to figure out how to do it, but now they've got this whole puzzle thing down.

Today we got our Christmas package from Grandma. In it were two Christmas chapsticks and the girls were all over them. Didn't take more than 5 minutes for Blake to push hers all the way up and put the lid on. She's still as happy as can be with her demolished chapstick that is 100% in the cap. 

Yesterday my boss at the endodontist office had the idea that a Santa should visit some offices and deliver $5 gift cards. So yesterday afternoon I got to drive around with Santa! The waves and honks from other cars was hilarious. It was unbelievably fun to walk into offices and feel the atmosphere change - we were walking Christmas cheer! 

 Yesterday my friend's son came and watched my kids (it's my bosses son, so he got roped in, ha!). Today I took the girls with me and they were helper elves, might have been the favorite part for a lot of people. The girls thought it was so fun to be with Santa. Blake called him Mr. Santa Claus anytime she spoke to him. One of the offices let the girls pick out a toy from their toy chest, so they were princess elves the rest of time.

At the last office Blake dove into this kid corner and didn't want to leave. She keeps asking if she can go back.

Kids have been helping with laundry - specifically socks. I want them to find me matches and I fold them, but they've moved on to wanting to fold the socks, which they're no good at, but I'm trying to let them learn. Blake's the best at it. Jac was working so hard and was muttering, "then you do dis and you turn it into a rock." She also decided folding them together is dumb, so she started making rocks with only one sock and was quite proud of her pile of sock rocks. She found a match and was so excited and was trying to point it out to Blake and said, "Blake, look at my eyes!" Meaning, look where my eyes are looking!

Girls found our old phones and have been playing with them constantly. They're not charged. They're just black screens. They carry them everywhere, call each other, make sure it's next to them when they're watching TV, and take pictures. Here's me taking a picture of them taking pictures.

Wade got a remote control car for his birthday. Stella loves chasing it. It's become her mode of winter exercise.

Stella got on the table one day and Bryan got mad at her. That night he stayed up playing games and when he came to get in bed he flipped the sheet and something hit him in the face. He thought it was a toy and tried to find it in the dark. He found it and that's when he realized it was poop. Stella pooped on our bed. It hit him in the face. He's convinced it was her revenge.

Kids have those advent calendars with the crappy chocolates that remind me of my childhood. Well, with sick kids we missed a few days and we catching up. Someone left a piece on the counter and I ate it, when they came back and were disappointed it was gone I blamed Stella. It was believable.

On our way to preschool and I run to get the brush and Jac informs me that she already brushed her hair. Which hair Jac? Which 3 hairs did you brush?

"Mom! Take me picture! Did you take my picture! Are you taking it! Look at me dance! Take a picture of my dance!"

Wade was eating cereal with Bryan and out of nowhere says, "Dad, we don't like the Vikings, we like the Packers. We like the Packers cause they don't lose all the time like the Vikings." And then Bryan started explaining to him that we like the 49ers.

I was in the tub and Bryan was brushing his teeth. We were talking and Blake comes in and tells us to be quiet and slams the door. When I came in to make sure she was tucked in okay she told me she wanted to have a bubble bath like me. With the fire going. Then she fell asleep.

Oh, so, Blake and sleep. Blake has decided she's worried something bad will happen. She's been having nightmares and now every night she cries when it starts to get dark and talks about dying. It's been really fun. I've been trying to be patient and talk her through her fears and we've been saying prayers + teaching her to say her own prayers asking Heavenly Father for comfort and for His Spirit (not the Holy Ghost, cause we get the Holy Ghost is a good Ghost, but it reminds us the Ghosts are a thing and then we have to cry). She gets herself worried that everything gets her eyes welling with tears and her voice wavering. Bedtime has been rough.

Almost done with this month's craziness. Almost ready to jump into the festive, fun craziness! The finish line is so close, I'm looking forward to it. I explained to Blake (to keep her from crying about dying when she's 104) all the fun things we're doing in the next few days before Christmas and it got her so excited. Tomorrow is Wade's winter party at school and I get to go in and help, then it's my work dinner, then my birthday party! Friday is my birthday and I'm going to do whatever I want! Saturday Santa is coming to visit Wade (and the girls, but Wade hasn't seen him yet). Sunday is the farm in Iowa to see Bryan's cousins and aunts. Then Nana comes home with us for a few days. Monday we have flu shots for the kids and round 2 of TB for me (woohoo!!), and then a Christmas Adam party (day before Christmas Eve, cause Adam comes before Eve), then Christmas Eve and then it's Christmas!! Hoping we all get rid of this annoying cough and we can just have fun! Healthy or not, we're also watching all the Christmas movies too (if you have Netflix, Klaus is great!). Merry Christmas!!

Bryan just got home from basketball (sheesh, I'm up too late!) and he told me he was talking with two teenagers there. I don't know how the conversation evolved but Bryan told them that he could steal both their girlfriends, that it's all about the beard + BMW. Kid #1 doesn't know me and asks, "so is your wife hot?" Bryan say yes, and kid #2, who knows me, apparently shook his head vigorously in agreement. Had to hope on to add this at 11:47 pm. Necessary information to share: Bryan loves his beard + BMW and attributes all the good things in his life to them, and I'm still hot.

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