2019 chapter 50

Wade turned 6!! His favorite gift was paints. When he opened them he said, "whoa! I asked for paint for Christmas, I guess I'll get two sets." We also built him a desk and when he saw it his first comment was that he wanted it for Christmas. Couldn't really do anything right. I think the desk turned out pretty good! He's already filled it with crap...art. 

Speaking of not doing things "right," we found out the morning of his birthday that to a 6 year old, birthday and birthday party are synonymous. We didn't plan him a birthday party. He was crushed and was telling me about all his friends he invited. Oops. Expectations are hard. We did invite a few friends over last minute and he was thrilled. 

He kind of turned into a turd the moment he turned 6. He felt very entitled and everything was a let down, except her enjoyed it all? He's mostly turned back into my normal Wade, but it was  rough few days where he yo-yo-ed between being a jerk and being the sweetest and happiest little kid. 

We had out ward Christmas party the day of Wade's birthday. It was so fun (although we walked in and I saw people there that I knew had been sick and a few that I knew had family members sick and I almost walked right out! If you've got people puking at home, everyone stays home!). My favorite part was the end; Bryan and I both had to stay to clean up and it felt just like ward activities growing up when we were all there the the end. All our kids were actually helpful too! I mean, "helpful." (taking tape off that was a railroad). 

And there were tons of snowflakes that were going to get thrown away, so I saved them and made our home more ridiculously festive (I keep seeing people trying to do "subtle" holiday decor that's not too in your face. I think my style is exactly opposite. I want in your face holiday happiness. 

I realized that my kids are old enough that I can wrap presents and put them under the tree and they won't tear them open. What I did not think through was that I still have children and now they ask me multiple times a day if they can open them and act like it's the biggest surprise and let down when I say no. The anticipation is kinda great. 

We decorated a little tree triangle for Wade's class and this is the first project I've totally hijacked. Wade was so excited I said we could do glitter, he didn't care when I wouldn't let him do it. And I totally spilled glitter all over myself. Good thing I handled it. 

We've got drying paint pictures everywhere. You've gotta watch where you lean around here. 

Sometimes you need to get out all the juices. 

"I have sharp teeth that can bite through anything, but not houses or not toys. But bread, my teeth are so strong I can bite it." Jac telling me about how she can eat her roll. 

"Alexa, play Frozen 2 soundtrack"
"Awww, again?"
"Yes! Now quiet, my favorite part is coming up." 
In case you're wondering this conversation goes Me, Wade, Me. I'm not sure he dislikes the music, the amount it's played, or me belting it out. The girls are into it...gloves on feet and socks on hands, cause you've got to dress up to dance it out. I really need someone to get hooked on "The Next Right Thing" so I can talk to you about all my thoughts and feelings. 

Came into the kitchen and the girls had moved it all around so Jac could really get into her Elsa dance (look at those dance hands!).

Every time Elsa sings "I can still go out and seize this day," Jac has to ask me, "Is Elsa so cited to see this day?!"

Wade made snowflakes in school and we've gone crazy making more. Jac and Blake were horrible. Blake cut almost the whole thing and undid it and it was horrible, but she loved it. Then Jac cut completely down her snowflake and when she peeled apart a bunch of individual triangles I about died laughing.

 "Jac, when we get hoime after preschool do you want to play with Wade's toys that he got for hims birthday?"
"Not his brithday crayons, he said he'd be so mad at us if we play with them!"
"Hims puzzle, him didn't say he'd get mad at us."
"Mad like this!"
(this is their version of Wade's "mad" face)

The girls were playing so good and quiet upstairs. Went up to find that they had used half a bottle of my leave in conditioner to water plants. One plant was so saturated I asked if they used any water and they said no. Curious to see if that plant makes it. They also got some on the bathroom floor, making it the most horrifyingly slick place in the house, even after mopping it. Also found sunless tanner in their room and could smell it, but never found where it was used.

My parents got us a huge ladder for Christmas and we opened it early (that's what you do with tools, have since the moment I was born) so we could change out the lights in our chandelier. We also decided to take the shades off . Loving it. And having 15 lights vs 6 is crazy amazing. And then we rigged our vacuum with a wrapping paper roll cause we could finally see all the cobwebs.


I scheduled a physical for today during preschool, then found out that there wasn't preschool today, so these hooligans came with me. They did so great. Everyone was complimenting how good they were, and they truly were awesome. I got immunizations up to date, TB test, blood work, and a flu shot. Hooray for getting ready to go to nursing school! Not related, the scale there is 4 pounds off (more) than mine, such a let down. I know nothing has changed, and yet, everything has. 

Bryan accidentally pressed one too many zeroes and paid 10x what he meant to in tithing. Fun thing to happen, especially in December. 

Each day I seem to open my email to another task that I don't know how to do. This week it was proving that my Anatomy, Physiology, and Chemistry classes had a lab component. They suggested submitting a syllabus to prove it....cause I have a syllabus from 2007. I think I tracked down what I needed, but not sure. I freaked out a little on Sunday and cry/yelled to Bryan (no at him, to him) and then I figured it out and he said, "good, you just needed to cry and get angry for a bit." I thought he was teasing me and I told him not to cause it's hard needing to figure out 100 things, and he said he wasn't teasing me, sometimes you need to just let out some frustration. Getting ready for school, doing deliveries for work (40 of the top referring dentists), getting ready for Christmas, volunteering at Wade's school....this is the busiest month. Until my birthday I have 3+ things on my calendar every day, I usually have 2 things a week. I made myself a mantra and part of it is "I can't do everything, but I can do everything I want and I do that by prioritizing and working hard." I repeat that to myself every day. And, in case you're wondering, that means that my room is covered in clean laundry that needs to be folded. Priorities. 

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