2020: one

Bryan had his high school alumni game on Saturday. We went and watched and got t-shirts! Brought snacks and girls brought sunglasses and fuzzy socks. Kids are so weird.

So much to write. I did this to myself. Everyone home for the holidays (okay, just Wade home was the only extra body) and I actually took notes of all the silliness of my children. Here goes:

Walking with Wade home from the bus, "I just want to go under the bus! It looks like fun. But you know what's not the fun part? Dying. That wouldn't be fun."

Picked up this huge cradle from a friend who found it on the side of the road and decided I needed it. I did. But it's so big! It was in the playroom where it was a spaceship, a pirate ship, a baby bed (duh), and the toy bin. Decided to move it to the basement, but it landed in my living room a few days where it became the hot spot to read and color. If a toy gets boring, new location!

The tree collar basket also continues to be a real hot spot of the living room. 

Blake, "Mom. Can I tell you something about boys? They don't eat on pink or purple plates."

Blake continues to be freaked out at night and sometimes during the day when she remembers that night exists. Regularly she comes out crying that "Jacqueline just do funny stuff and weird stuff and I just like normal stuff like you do!"

We've been teaching Blake to pray on her own when she's scared and remind her that Jesus protects us. One night she asked, "How only one Jesus protect the whole earth?" And we talked about how he has power called the priesthood and it's kinda of like magic. I felt pretty decent about my answer and her response was, "So why he make Santa so big? Like, why he make his bum so big?"

She also likes to melt down about being too cold to change into her jammies (nighttime is just such a party with her right now), so the other night I told her to grab her jammies and bring them to me, and then I pretended to fart on them to warm them up and she laughed and now I have to pretend to fart on her jammies every night.

Oh gracious, I forgot about this until I pulled up the picture. I did really fart one night while Blake was sitting next to me on the couch and her discovering the smell was so funny. Then she ran and got a clothes pin for her nose.

I'm worried some of Blake's new nervous traits will become lasting, and it doesn't help that Bryan likes to teasingly rush her and she gets all flustered. He says he's helping her learn to deal with stress, I think he's giving her lots to talk to her future therapist about. He does remind her he's teasing and gives her hugs and helps, but he just can't resist.

I was putting away a string of glass light bulbs after christmas and one dropped and I got a shard of glass in my eye. The eye I just paid thousands to fix. No lasting damage, actually no damage at all, just some highly stressful moments.  Anything stressful is made more fun by being a mom, cause I also got to holler at kids from the bathroom to stay away from the broken glass, then deal with kids in the bathroom that were concerned for my well-being and also wanted me turn on a show/get them a snack.

Wade decided he wanted to make money and he would have a stand, but not for lemonade, but for fruit "cause people need fruit, right mom!" I informed him that a stand doesn't work in the winter in Minnesota, but maybe we could deliver some fruit. He decided that a dollar "or maybe just some coins" would be worth his efforts. So I asked a few friends and we got two customers. He was sooo excited. He woke up and made thank you notes and made a cat piggy bank out of a yogurt box (with a piece of fake garland for it's fluffy tale..he also has a piggy bank, but needed to make a special one for this). Then at each house one person carried the thank you note, one person carried the piggy bank/collected the money, and one person carried the fruit. I made them walk up to the doors by themselves (had to follow for a picture though). It made his whole break awesome.

Wade got to have a play date with a school friend and the girls didn't get to go. As a consolation prize I took them to get Icees (which I tried talking them out of cause it's cold, but they insisted, and shortly after decided they were, in fact, too cold). Walking and it was slick, Jac had her hands in her pockets and fell on her face, with a little roll of momentum, so she got slush from chin to the top of her forehead. And she got a nice bloody fat lip. I got her inside and started cleaning her up, but Blake kept backing out and away cause she was freaked out about the blood, so I had to leave my bawling, dripping child, to grab my other child so she wouldn't wonder through the parking lot. At least the Icee probably felt good on her owie.

Blake, "If someone cut our neck, we'd have to glue it back on."

Wade came down in a stupid outfit, so I told him I'd throw down a shirt for him to change into. I threw down a camouflage shirt and when Wade found it to verify he had the right one (and not the other zero shirts in the entry way) he said, "What shirt? This one that looks like a swamp?"

Wade got a rock painting kit for Christmas (realized it's not washable paint AFTER it got all over the kitchen table) and my favorite is that the kids painted them mostly grey and black.

Wade keeps trying to teach the girls letters and all things school.

I forgot to write that on Christmas Eve we opened pajamas from Grandma and Papa Billa (well, mostly grandma) and Blake cried that she didn't get a purple nightgown and hasn't worn her nightgown yet. (My mom made the nightgowns and even called to verify colors and I told her blue for Jac and pink for Blake would be great, I feel so bad! For the love and work my mom put in, not for Blake being a turd. But Jac is perfectly happy to have to soft princess nightgowns all to herself).

After church on Sunday I heard Jac getting frustrated about something and I heard Wade say, "Jac, you can just ask for help. You can ask mom or dad or Blake or me. Or you can always ask Jesus for help. Jesus will always help. That's what I learned in church today."

Jac currently is not our hardest child. She hasn't gotten any easier, mind you. But she has been happy to change into 15 outfits a day, unless it's her pink nightgown, that thing doesn't come off voluntarily. Asks for smoothies and shows. She's actually been really chill, and I'm just now realizing that it's been warmer and we haven't had to fight about wearing boots and a coat!

I need to take one pre-req chemistry class for school. I start it on Feb 12 (after our CA vacation!) and it's online. 5.5 weeks later I start my core nursing classes and I am excited to get started. A little less excited when I remember that chemistry was my college nemesis and organic chemistry was the first time I felt genuinely stupid and ultimately the reason I gave up on nursing a decade ago. But it'll be fine. Funny thing is that none of my 3 chemistry classes from BYU will work because a lab is required, yet the class they're having me take is online. Makes sense.

We made a goal to read a new book every day this year. Need to figure out how to track it, but excited to have this goal with the kids! And fun that a lot of them Wade gets to read to us. Also making my own goals with the new Youth and Children program guidelines, there are so many things I want to work on, but limited myself to one goal in each category. Intellectual is to read a book of month and to try different genres (even with school, reading is so important!). Spiritual is to kneel to pray. Physical is to drink 72 ounces of water a day. Social is to learn to golf with Bryan (this could be physical, but the purpose is to hang out with Bryan). Oh, and I lied, one more goal, learn to make awesome rolls. We'll call this one a quest. I'm on a quest to make awesome rolls. There, now I still limited myself.

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