2020: two

A few weeks ago (two months ago?) we got a great snowfall and the tree looked amazing, but it wasn't that cold (for MN) and I asked my friend (and photography mentor) if she'd take some pictures of us playing in the snow. We tried making a snowman, but they snow wasn't right for that. So we just had snowball fights, made snow angels, tackled dad, had tickle fights. It was lovely. 

 This is a week of Jacqueline. At least picture wise.

She discovered she had a diamond button on these pants and was thrilled.

She's started lying like this when she watches a show. It reminds me of a beached whale and I love it. 

Wade brought home his quiet time mat and Jac quickly commandeered it. 

Bryan has been letting Jac use his phone to film his golf swing and in-between use it as she wants. We've found a lot of this. 

Jac from the back seat, "Mom! Did you see?! I was dancing with my eyebrows!"

And needed to share these too: 

Every day the girls ask what day it is. Right after they ask if we're going to someone's house. Regardless of my answer, they immediately ask what tomorrow is and if we're going to someone's house. 

Took the kids with me to watch my friends kids, but made them take a nap beforehand. I went to wake them up and Jac woke up enough to move from the bench at the end of my bed into my bed. Now every day when I tell them it's quiet time they ask if I'll cuddle them in my bed. 

I was stretching after my work out and Blake came and rubbed my shoulders. She also calls my zits red boobies and tells me I have a lot of them.

Blake's been starting every sentence with "actually" and used it as an "um" also. Lot's of actually's around here. 

Bryan bet his coworker a pie on some game, he won, we got a pie. He shared with everyone at work and brought home a few pieces. I ate one. He ate one. We saved one for the kids, but later it was gone! I blamed Stella. Everyone was fine blaming Stella. Blake came forward and said it was her (it just looked too tasty, she said). I thanked her for telling the truth cause that can be hard, and she ran away crying and sobbed on the stairs in her self-inflicted time out. 

I made bread today. Trying to master bread and rolls. It's harder than I thought. None of them have been bad, but none have been amazing either. Got work to do. I let this one raise to long and it imploded. 

Kids discovered you can ask Alexa to fart. She does different farts too. We've heard a lot of them this week. A lot.

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