2020: seven

It's my dad's birthday! Happy birthday dad! He called (I called him and he called me back, just so we're clear) and told me he went to the doctor and she said there was something, and then he trailed into another part of the conversation and I had to stop him to make sure he wasn't beating around the bush of bad news! He wasn't. All is well. He informed me his hair is still gone, but nothing else new. Growing up I remember my mom couldn't remember how old she was and I was flabbergasted, now I'm there - and when you have a daughter that's old enough to forget how old she is, that means you're old - so happy birthday, ya old man...how ever old you may be. 

Did a Valentine's day photo shoot with the kiddos. 

Sheesh these boogers are cute! And, don't be fooled, they have been boogers. Ever since we got back from California there has been a level of boredom that involves them bugging on another more. They got a taste of outside and that freedom and nothing else can satisfy. I did hear birds chirping this week, so spring is coming. Ish.

Also, I remember Wade getting very antsy and bored (and annoying), like I just couldn't do enough to entertain him. Meant he was ready for school. Girls are at that stage, they are ready to learning and doing all day. They'll hit the kindergarten cut off by one week, sometimes I worry about that, but they are ready. I think if we didn't send them, there would be a full scale mini-revolt. I don't know what that would look like, but I don't need to find out.

Bryan brought home flowers on Valentine's Day and I was floored. Who is this man? I forgot to add more water and came down to them like this:

Mayhaps I should say, I never get cut flowers, so I didn't realize I needed to add more water. I re-cut the stems, added more water, and they perked right back up. Plants are awesome. We let the kids try lobster, everyone but Blake liked it, they kept asking for more, but we only gave them a taste. Also made steak, smoked out our house, and had to open the windows when it was -10 outside. And made asparagus, which was the biggest hit among out kids - more surprising than them liking lobster. We watched Knives Out, which I fully recommend. It was so good.

Blake keeps asking if I remember really random things and she describes it very specific details. Tonight she asked if we could have that brown thing we ate before soccer one time that we ate on white plates. No idea what she's talking about. And her saying for something that happened a while ago is, "when we was three..."

Wade came home and told us his friend at school (and out backyard neighbor) knows how to speak fries. He meant French.

We bought a new vacuum! It was still under warranty and we actually got a new one for less than what we got back for the old one. Not a bad exchange. Except that power button is in a stupid spot and I have to bend slightly to reach it. And the hose is harder to get out. But, it cleans really well. I'm not sure how long our old one wasn't working well, but this one picked up so much. Apparently we've been living in squalor. Kids made the vacuum box into a vacuum and kept asking me for batteries to make it work - I told them it wouldn't work, but they insisted it would because they had taped Wade's little circuit toy to it. It didn't stay a vacuum for long, it soon got turned into a robot - the arm hole placement had me rolling.

I found a steal on washi tape and Wade gave them away on his Valentine's (perfect coming from him - they said "Let's stick together" and "I'm stuck on you." We had leftovers and now I always have tape stuck to my foot cause it everywhere. The girls made an Elsa crown with the tape (cause tape on hair is a good idea). The day after making it Blake put it on while Jac was still eating and she was so mad that when Blake-Elsa tried to "froze" her she kept saying, "I not froze yet." 

Got a retractable leash for Stella. The kids have been playing with it. They're obnoxious. 

Blake wore the nightgown Grandma made her for Christmas! This is the first time. 

Girls made a fort. Square footage is not important to them. 

Blake came in from the snow muttering something and walking slow and goofy. When she got closer I could hear her saying, "Waddle, waddle. Waddle, waddle." 

Bryan fixed out snow blower! I already forgot what he did, but he's awesome. He was so excited he even did our neighbors driveway. He came in and told me and we high-fived for being good neighbors.

I cleaned out the fridge, for the first time ever. I mean, I've cleaned parts of it, but never the whole thing. And the fact that this info made it in here means a few things: 1. this week didn't have a lot stuff happening, 2. cleaning out the fridge is a big deal. I now want to clean my oven.

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