2020: eight & nine

We got an air fryer and made donuts! Also been cooking, er, frying, lots of wings and broccoli, but donuts were the fan favorites (plus, they have sprinkles!). 

The dress Jac is wearing has been causing great contention in our home all week. The issue is that I only bought one. Blake found it first and put it on, and Jac tried bullying her to give it to her. We stepped in and told Jac she could wear it tomorrow. So at 6 am Jac woke up Blake and told her to give her the dress. And then everyone came into my room with all their grievances. Today I bought a second dress. 

Things are warming up here and most of the snow should be gone this weekend. I've been migrating to the sunny front room most afternoons and the girls have been following my with hair brushes and bows in tow. 

With more sunshine our front room warms up rather well. Our thermostat is in the front room. The rest of my house is often chilly. One day we came home from church and a beam of sunshine had been hitting the thermostat and it read 99 in our house. It kicked into safety mode and turned on the AC. Y'know us Minnesotans, gotta turn on the AC when it gets above freezing. 

Wade was super into the information he learned on President's day. He came home and told me he knew what was on the back of a penny - the Lincoln Memorial. He proceeded to make his own pretend money (always reminding me that he knew it was just pretend), but found real money to copy. One afternoon he told me, "I'm just so disappointed that Lincoln isn't president anymore." You and me both buddy. 

Girls stole one of each of our slippers, which is obviously hilarious. 

Here are a slew of thoughts about Frozen 2: 

"Mom! Elsa not wearing her shoes!" Which apparently Jac took as permission to go outside bare foot. 

Jac, "Her make up stay on even when she go in the water. Her must have magic make up. Her mom must buy her magic make up." 
Blake, "Her mom is dead! What? Who buy her make up?" 

"How come we never watch Frozen 0?"

Wade, "All those memories look adorable. But it wouldn't be adorable to lose your mom." 

The whole Frozen saga has brought up a lot of conversations about death, which have lead to Jac saying things like, "I can't wait to die. Dying is the best. If you follow Heavenly Father rules he'll make the animals not growl or bite you. I so cited to pet a dragon." 

They girls have enjoyed sharing beds. But each morning they tell me all about why it was a bad idea. 

Wade: Do you think Alexa knows the song I made up? 
Me: No. 
Wade: Do you want to hear the song I made up? 
Me: No
Wade: Okay, I'm just going to sing it to myself. 

I was told one morning I wasn't allowed downstairs. So I stayed in bed,doing what I was told. I came down and the kids had cleaned the kitchen! They emptied the dishwasher, washed the floor, and Wade organized the pantry and kid dish cupboard! They were genuinely helpful!! Look at the apple sauces, drinks, and fruit snacks lined up. 

 One of the girls friends has an older brother that plays with them whenever they go over. On Sunday he passed the sacrament to us and Blake was full on blushing with excitement. It was adorable.

Same Sunday, the kids packed their own church bag. We got there and no one had put in paper. It was hilarious hearing them accuse one another. "Blake, why didn't you put the paper in!" "You we suppose to put it in!"

Wade came home with a hang nail. Blake came and told me, "When Wade got home with his owie on him finger I took it off for him and it didn't hurt. Him couldn't do it cause he had too many muscles."

Wade learned his first swear word at school.
Wade: Dammit.
Bryan: What'd you say buddy?
Wade: Dammit.
Bryan: We don't say that word.
Wade: What word?
Bryan: The word you just said.
Wade: Dammit?
Bryan: Yeah.
We've talked him through how some words are only okay sometimes, like potty words, but swear words we never say. Didn't hear it the rest of the week. Then we're sitting in church and Wade messed up on his picture and we hear him say it under his breath. It's a good things Bryan ushered him out so I could regain composure in peace. Since Blake has also said it, and my oh my it's the funniest things I've ever heard. I am not doing a good job over here. Sending mix signals. Apologies if my children have foul mouths next time we're around you.

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