2020: weeks 15, 16, 17

Nothing going on and I can't get my weekly post out?! The real culprit: church basketball is cancelled (obviously) and I did my posts when Bryan went to play, now I don't have a set time. Oh well. So it's three weeks catch-up, coincidentally that's how long it's been since I've put away laundry too! Getting stuff washed isn't hard for me, but putting it away is. Wade keeps getting so mad he doesn't have any socks. I keep getting mad that I don't have dish towels. Easy fix, haven't fixed it. Quarantine = time, still don't get stuff done. Kind of like how before all this I moved a dresser out of Bryan's closet and put it in the hallway, we haven't moved it yet and have to turn slightly sideways to get through our hall.

It snowed for Easter. Indoor egg hunt. We made a vegetable Easter bunny. My kids weren't overly impressed. Turns out my kids LOVE hard boiled eggs and coloring them was so much fun. Jac went full beast mode and just used her hands to dye. When we ran out of hard boiled eggs (we had 3 dozen!) Wade tried eating an uncooked one, he decided it wasn't good and threw it out.

Made oatmeal raisin cookies. Laughed to myself that I've reached that part of adulthood where I like + actually admit + voluntarily make oatmeal raisin cookies. I forgot the egg. Put in the second batch. Both batches were really good. Bryan made fun of me for making them (the punchline of the jokes were that I made oatmeal raisin cookies, not that I forgot the egg) and I told him they are like breakfast cookies...so I've been eating them for breakfast.

I made a cute cake!

Found Wade standing in the window and asked what he was doing, "Oh, I was just thinking about how someday I want to dig a big hole, so big it will got to the ocean and make a whirlpool...I wonder if when I make my whirlpool if it'll be strong enough to break off kelp, like a tornado...My little dragon is going to go down there to help dig..."

I dropped my phone in Stella's water dish while I was putting it down. Sound didn't work for a few hours, but turned it off + put it in rice and it works fine. 

My yard is looking soooo good! It was a weird spring and now my tulips, daffodils, and grape hyacinths are all blooming at the same time!!!

We've been doing lots of spring clean up and are almost ready to put our veggies it! We've also been attacking weeds. The kids are quick to report any dandelion sightings. One time Jac ran in totally out of breath and so excited she was stumbling over her words and said, "Mom! Outside we found this, there was (deep breaths), this things, there was...(yelling/blurting this out) DANDELION! We found a dandelion."

Wade's been doing distant learning and it's been going well, but really missing school and his teacher. They did a teacher parade today and it was quick and sweet (and raining) and I had to keep it together and not cry cause all my neighbors lined the street (6 feet apart) and I can't be that unstable. My favorite was the random car that was stuck in-between the parade cars.

Wade reading to his sisters for a school assignment.

Some friends are moving and had some boxes to donate, but thrift stores are all closed, so I told her I'd take them and drop them off for her when everything opens up. It was like 4 boxes, so happy to help. There was an 18" toy horse. My girls are obsessed. Hooray for serving and getting new toys! It's alarmingly similar to Stella and it keeps freaking me out!

As soon as she stops moving, she's out. 

Jac was singing Let it go and was going, "Lalalalalala.." and Bryan told her it was the words were, "In the light of day!" so she sang, "In the light of day.....are you sure that's how the Elsa song goes?"

Wade was getting car sick one day. I stopped so he could get some air. They were so excited to have an "outing." It was outside my sister-in-laws work and she texted me asking if my kids were playing in the parking lot.

"...What? The dragon I'm making? I'll be the first on to make a dragon. Maybe I can connect my whirlpool cave to a geyser..."

Went in after kids were asleep to make sure blankets were on them, as I tucked Jac in she snuggled into her blanket and smiled in here sleep. I need to remember that sweetness, because she's also been going around wrecking havoc like this:

It spanned two full walls (I already started cleaning when I remembered I obviously need a picture). She said it was a map. Less than an hour after cleaning that up, this happened:

I should say the rottenness didn't happen the same day, I just discovered the drawing on the same day the lamp broke. And the lamp breaking wasn't really rottenness, just an accident that has natural consequences of now they don't have a night light. And I didn't place that book there, they were creating some kind of reading nook, but the title is perfection.  

"...I hope in the winter no one finds out about my whirlpool and tries to get into my cave..."

Bryan's been playing connect 4 with Wade. Wade can beat me now!

Kinds were watching Cat in the Hat and made a thingamagigger.

Kids were watching Dragon Trainers, we made drumsticks and they were thrilled to "eat like dragons."

I've started training for a half marathon. I didn't sign up for one, just started a training schedule. I just need something else to tell me when to work out and how long. It's been really nice. Monday was hotter than I expected and I wore leggings and I wanted to die the whole time. Thought about taking my shirt off, but remembered that my body carried twins. Then felt guilty for hating the heat in the first few nice days in MN. Also, I think both my big toenails might fall off. I think it's cause I wore rainboots to work in the garden one day (for 7 hours), but running isn't helping. I ran 8 miles last week! Not all at once, that's 4 separate work outs, but still 8 miles more than I ran the week before! 

I've been finding creations all over. I've started a new art collection of these. Blake is actually quite the little artist and I have several of her pieces that I've claimed to frame. Wade loves creating, but he's not the artist like Blake, he's more of a builder. Then there's Jac, always mad when I tell them to clear their artwork and she doesn't have as many pieces to clear cause she was busy dancing (or pretending to be a dog) while the other two were creating. Wade continues to raid the recycling and I got a huge chastisement for throwing away some egg cartons (which were styrofoam, ughh! Luckily he saved them cause I'll use them at the bottom of planters - best use for those awful things).

(this one is a playground) 

Bryan's been so bored at work he made a chess board in excel. Lower case letters vs upper case. He played himself and then "rage quit" after a dumb move. He's also been listening to books on tape (finished all of Harry Potter last week) and podcasts.

I think they were a worm?

Blake got a new bike! Jac was ticked as all get out, who cares that she got the best bike last year. With thrift stores closed, we purchased a new new bike! All jealousy subsided when they all started riding and the training wheels are higher on the new bike (probably where they should be) so it wiggles more and everyone's scared of it cause "you can get hurt on it." Also, Jac needs streamers on her bike, that's what it really all came down to. Taking the training wheels off Wade's bike this week (waiting for a tire pump. We bought one that was crap, and now waiting for one that hopefully works), he's very excited to ride like a big kid. Oh, and apparently I let me kids go to the store in pajamas.

I dyed my hair purple. It's gone now. Two washes. Girls were very obsessed. Going to do it again and let the girls do it with me.

I got my first really good sunburn. I told myself to just work for an hour in the garden, 7 hours later...oops. At night to turn over I kinda lifted up and pivoted on my head so I didn't rub my back. I woke up to this:

Told Bryan I was turning into an introvert like him and he said he wasn't an introvert and I laughed then realized he wasn't joking. He thinks he's an extrovert.

Longest post ever! 

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