2020: week fourteen

I bought a pool. Today. It's not here yet. Our governor just told us the shelter-in-place order will be extended until May 4th. Minneapolis announced that all it's beaches will be closed this summer (feels a little preemptive) and I'm sure many cities and counties will soon follow suit. So I'm apparently in summer-fun hoarding mode and bought a pool in prep. Looking at a trampoline, swings, and a jungle gym thing too. With continuing the SIP it looks like we'll hit the Corona peak in July. At this point a lot of prep has been done and it feels like we're postponing the inevitable - but that might just be the I-love-summers-at-the-beach in me talking. Other than the whole beach thing, it doesn't really affect us. We're really doing awesome. And now I won a pool! Almost. I guess I own it, but don't possess it yet.

Here's how it is affecting us: I usually have 3 part-time jobs. Photography, Shipt grocery shopping, and marketing for an endodontist office. Currently I can only do Shipt and don't qualify for unemployment for the other two. But, there is plenty of Shipt shopping to do!! Many Shipt shoppers went on strike today, saying we need hazard pay, PPE provided, sick leave. I agree with some of their complaints, but some of them I just want to say, "this is a hard time for everyone, calm down!" PPE will be provided (I get mine next week), but this caught everyone off guard and supplies were unobtainable. I think members should have to pay hazard pay on an order - but worry it would lessen some tips. I don't know. Okay, that wasn't the point of this paragraph. Basically, it's weird time and it'd be awesome to buy stuff to add some enjoyment to this time, but I've got to work and it's weird. I think that's the gist of this paragraph? I'm not sure.

I'm not drinking Dr. Pepper this week. Maybe not the best week to take off. Not sure that during this time there would be a good week. Friday we're participating in a worldwide fast issued to us by President Nelson, in preparation for that I'm sacrificing Dr. Pepper in the week leading up to it. The Lord loves effort and effort brings rewards. So maybe it's good that it's being so much effort.

Onto some pictures? Agreed, let's get onto some fun stuff.

We watched conference this weekend. It was lovely and filled my soul. I was worried every talk would be very devoted to the COVID-19 crisis, but was glad that wasn't the case. I left conference with a resolve to praise Jesus more in my prayers, be more open with my testimony as I speak with others, ask myself how I am part of restoring God's church, and to sacrifice more with faith. The kids got a piece of candy each time they heard Jesus Christ. The second day Wade suggested we switch it to every time Joseph Smith was mentioned - very astute kid, Joseph was spoken of A LOT! Also, Jesus has many names, so he was spoken of lots and lots, but candy wasn't gotten for all His other names. I fell asleep in both afternoon sessions, need to put a plan in place for that in the future.

Sunday morning I got dressed in church clothes in preparation to do the Hosanna shout (usually only done at temple dedications, it was cool to raise our voices in praise to Jesus. It also felt weird doing in my living room with just us. Even feeling weird, I cried and couldn't get through singing "The Spirit of God." Bryan's looks didn't help me feel less stupid). While I put a dress and make up on, I didn't get out of my sweats.

While having the kids listen for words was good and kept them somewhat involved (which I think is important, otherwise at what age would I switch things and tell them they have to listen instead of playing elsewhere?), they were mostly very annoying. Saturday evening session was my favorite - I think that all my kids sleeping had a lot to do with this.

We made cinnamon rolls. With bacon. It's a wonderful addition.

Kids got sprinkles, which they thought was awesome until they saw the bacon, then they were quite put out.

Wade made a golf hole. Bryan informed me I needed to save all the toilet paper and paper towel rolls so they could make a really cool course - I laughed at him, cause I always do and they always get used.

The saved rolls have been decorated and are being saved in an important spot. So Easter-y around here. 

Monday was our anniversary! 8 years. We both forgot. I was listening to Wade's morning message for school and his teacher said it was April 6th. Here's how my inner monologue went: April 6th, that an important day. Lots of stuff happened in the church, and I think that's the day Bryan got baptized, which is why...which is why that's the day we chose to get married. Ha! It's our anniversary!" I texted Bryan to look at date. We're awesome. We got ourselves Chipotle for dinner, and not cooking felt great. Then we watched Onward on Disney+ with the kids. Hooray for 8 years! 

Kids likes Onward okay. At one point the brother sacrificing something important to him (it's an inanimate object) and I look over at Jacqueline and see her eyes brimming with tears. I ask if she's okay and she burst into sobs and I had to remind her to breath. She has the most tender heart (often hidden by her stubbornness and tantrums). 

Indoor picnic. And now they ask for it daily. Which is fine. They also took several blankets outside and now "nature" is stuck eternally to the Sherpa linings. Cool. Really though, I've been so grateful for our situation - my kids find so many things special and enjoyable. A picnic on our kitchen floor was delightful to them. So blessed. 

Speaking of my kids happiness: Jac always asks for "special" things, but as if they were ordinary. Blake and Wade will ask if we can go on a walk, play with playdoh, make a sandwich. Jac will ask if I can make her Elsa gloves and crown, if we can eat an chocolate bunny (cause, as she'll tell you, I let them once...last Easter. When they got chocolate bunnies in their baskets. As gifts), or if we can go to Texas. But she asks as if it's a normal request! It alternates between being funny and annoying. 

Told Jac she had to change to go on a walk, so she changed INTO her Elsa dress. Apparently that's her running dress, cause it has her billowy cape. 

Wade had an assignment from his music teacher to make instruments at home. He made several, one type was rice put into containers. Lots of those have been made. I have rice everywhere - not only from the making, but also from the inevitable instrument breakage. This ones my favorite: the cheese package music shaker. Blake made it. 

Another music assignment was to get different objects and arrange them from the highest to lowest noise (examples were a box and a glass cup). Wade filled up water at different levels (figured that out on his own, or heard it at some point. Basically it wasnt' the teachers idea). It was a hit. But, again, I now have little set ups of water cups popping up daily. 

Introduced the kids to redvine straws. 

Vegetable joy!

Jac figured out how to climb up on the counter without a stool. Motivation: sprinkles.

We have our first bloom!! Jac said, "Welcome to the world little flower!" when we spotted it. And then everyone spit on it to make sure it had enough water. Weirdos. We've got some grape hyacinths with blooms about to come out, and just green leaves for tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and alliums showing. Also have many perennials starting to peek out! I've seen my clematis, irises, peonies, hostas, and several others that I can't remember their names. Also seeing lots of dandelions. Less thrilled about that. But also so happy to be out pulling them. Yesterday we got to 70 and I got hot working outside. It was lovely. 
P.S. from Wade: when mom is pulling weeds it's a great time to talk non-stop to her. 

Blake requested I take pictures of her being silly. 

School work. The girls are by his side. Especially Jac. Very annoying. We're often occupying the same 4 sq ft, or less, of space. I was working on painting my stair railings again this week (almost done! As in I think I'm in the last 10 hour stretch. It's cool) and the girls had to be on the stairs with me. We have a whole (rather large) house, had to be on the stairs. They wanted to be on the landing with me, but I made them be at least two steps away. 

Jac: I'm going to put yogurt in a bowl.
Me: No, don't do that. Just eat it out of the cup it came in.
Jac: I'm going to put it in a bowl.
Me: No!
Jac: I already did.
Jac: Sorry.
Summarizes interacting with Jac. Also, when we started the conversation her yogurt was still in her cup.

We colored eggs! 3 dozen. Bryan said it was too many, but they went through it so fast. Easter or not, this will be a regular thing in quarantine...cause we're in quarantine. Jac just used her hands like a savage.

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