October 2021 - pt 1

Church basketball started up again! So maybe, just maybe, I'll get back into the habit of a weekly post. Over the last two years my kids have said so many stupid things and I'll never remember, true tragedy. 

Took some photos ate a sunflower field. Can't say they were family photos, cause none of them were usable cause of Wade's faces (which I need to document here so I never forget):


Okay, but real gems, would be these ghost pictures. His name is Spook and I'm already dreaming of all the places he'll go

We've had sickness in our house. Blake was sick for 9 days and missed 6 days of school. She was fine, just had a fever with a cough (not covid, had to test to send the other kids to school. Well, I sent them to school and they sent them home) - it took her 4 days of having a fever over 102 to take a midday nap on her own. I have a fever of like 99.8 and I need to lie down and have some one fetch me stuff. She also had the really cool issue of not being able to clear mucus out of her throat (is that a learned thing or is she weird?) so she'd cough really hard, throw up and then carry on with whatever. I took her into the doctor to make sure it wasn't turning into pneumonia or strep. The doctor asked if her fever comes down with Tylenol, I said I haven't given her any....she looked at me like I was crazy. No masking of her emotion. Apparently letting my kids bodies do their thing (especially when they're not uncomfortable) makes me a weird minority. 

Blake is very observant. And she was home for over a week - not really sick, mostly just bored. And she kept making comments about parts of my day. I felt attacked. "Mom, why have you been wearing those silly purple pants for days and days and days?" "Mom, why did you leave your shoes out?" "Mom, did you brush your teeth this morning?" "Mom, how many cookies is that?" 

Friday Wade went down with the fever. During school, so got to pick him up again (I didn't, Bryan did both the pick ups. I work 15 hours a week and both time were while I was working, ha!). He's great at being sick, all my kids are - besides Blake and the cough pukes. Which even that wasn't bad cause she always puked somewhere appropriate. Tuesday his fever was gone, but cough was still bad, he gets the worst coughs. So I gave him so cough medicine that the doctor recommended for Blake - yeah, I gave my kid medicine. That night I went in before I went to bed to check his temp, y'know, make sure he was still good to go to school, and it was 96.5! Totally freaked me out! Snuggled him for body heat. Kept checking that he was alive and breathing. Kept trying to wake him to ask if he felt weird, but he's a hard sleeper, so then I'm nervous if he's a hard sleeper or is he in some kind of stupor. Anywho, fun night. I don't know why it happened, but he gets to just cough tonight. 

Jac never got sick. She is sad about that. 

Kids and I cut down a lot of our summer flowers. They were actually a little helpful! Had them putting stuff in the debris bin and bags. Jac had to ask every few minutes when we were planting seeds and I'd have to remind her that we had to clear stuff first, and that we would plant bulbs, not seeds. They all got bored and ended up cutting up peddles on the cut down plants - it made really cool confetti! I don't have a picture cause I'm out of the habit of taking pictures! And then we planted bulbs and Jac proved the least helpful - she could not understand that I wanted her to place her bulbs between two posts, so her sections will be bare of tulips next year, and other sections will be more abundant. 

Before we cut everything down I took these silly photos (I wanted to try some cool editing, but have a hard time being brave with client work). The best part was coming downstairs to ask Bryan, who had no idea what I was doing, if he'd come take some pictures. 

Much like a toddler, when I've been quiet too long, you should be curious about what I'm up to.

Blake brought catch up work home. She wants my help, I want to help her, she wants my help now. And then she'll get distracted and we take a break, then when she wants to start again she wants to now! Who cares that I'm in the shower, going to the bathroom, making dinner. NOW MOM! She will be great at group projects - everyone will get an A because of Blake's, um,....enthusiastic persistence. 

Bryan showed the kids Hocus Pocus (without me! I will bear this wound for eternity) and they liked it! On a related note: Blake and Jac have been sleeping in the same bed and/or coming into my room every night since. 

 I started working at Wal-Mart. I genuinely like it. I go, I work, I leave. I'm good at it, it gives my week a little structure, and I make a little money while I wait to start school. 

Bryan has been battling Stella's snoring (and he says mine, but I'm sure he's making that up) at night. He tried locking her out of our room a few nights, it wasn't great. Now we sleep with her in my closet, two fans, and a sound machine. Pathetic, weak human - it's hard to be a superior sleeper, I can't relate (oaky, Bryan always says it's rough having a superior brain, metabolism, blah blah blah, so I'm sure to pester him about sleep, his "one" flaw). 

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