A ridiculous poem:

 ‘Twas the beginning of the Christmas season 2022

And the Wright family was recovering from the flu

No stockings were hung by the chimney with care

Something was needed for the Christmas spirit to get there


With a fresh pack of cough drops and Kleenex in hand

They pulled the Christmas bins out as planned

Quick as a wink the kids pounced with great fervor

But I was exhausted and became just an observer


The trees looked quite crazy, but the kids were so proud

I decided it was time to ease up and the chaos allow

So, we hung crooked garland and trimmed the bottom of the tree

We made paper chains and sang Christmas song (mostly out of key)


We hit a few bumps; one glass bauble shattered

We lost the hand of a Joseph and the face of a shepherd

Half the outdoor lights have gone missing

(Seriously, where did they go?)


Admittedly I tweaked a few things here and there

And made suggestions of what should go where

I like things just so, just how I dreamed

But nothing was better than watching them gleam


This will be our new tradition, the explosion, the frenzy

We’ll do it together, cause really, do I get that many?

Now the whole family can exclaim (it just took a flu)

“Merry Christmas to all, especially you”

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