Last week we had some lovely -35 with wind chill, today it was sunny and 38. I went on a walk and the sun warmed up my back. I felt the sun's warmth. The groundhog saw it's shadow, which means 6 more weeks of winter. I always thought that that was the bad scenario, like, "aw man, another six weeks!" and if a shadow wasn't seen then there would be an earlier spring. Bryan informed me that the shadow means ONLY six more weeks of winter, that that is the good scenario. Is this a midwest perception? (I've asked around, it is not. Bryan is making crap up in his head and assuming he is right....per usual). 

Today we worked on Valentine's. Early. I know! We (I) made hearts with white crayon and the girls water colored. I've got some busy school days ahead, and I know I'll be cramming (logic would say I should just manage my time and work on school stuff now...experience says that is not the reality. Proven time and again), so made sure to get these done early so we'd have time to work on them together and have it be an enjoyable experience. I'm really trying to let them do stuff, why is that so hard? They cut the papers up and they were...less than straight (actually, only Jac's, Blake's were quite good). And some of the colors turned out very poopy. But they had so much fun. 

Wade and I finished his Valentine's box - he did a camera. It turned out so cute. He keeps showing me and pointing out every detail to me....I helped him make it. Every single step we did together. They have really cute ready made card box kits, they would have been cheaper. But this was way more fun. 

Blake all ready for school and laying in the hall. Why? Who knows. 

For the last month the 3rd graders around the state have been working in groups on coming up with a toy for Mayalan Tapir's (it's an animal. I guess the MN zoo is getting one. Or they have one. Or it had a baby? IDK, but it's a big deal). 2 groups from each school gets chosen to go to the MN Zoo where they get to present on their project! Or there's a presentation they get to attend. I'm getting this from a 9 year old, details are iffy. ANYWAYS: Wade's group won and they get to go to the zoo! He's so excited, he's been talking about it for the last month and been working on it so hard (I guess there have been a few times they've been allowed to go work on it instead of other assignments). He came home and told me that the bad news was that we'd have to get up at 6:30 am to go. Then it came out that the presentation is 11-12 and he needs to get there by 9. It's 20 minutes away. But apparently he's under the impression we need to get up at 6:30, ha!

We've been doing good new/bad news at dinner every night. We've slowly added in more things, including something we're grateful for and something we'd like to work on/improve on. Well, this week somehow poop got added in. Yes. A few weeks ago it came out in a conversation that our kids don't poop every day, which is odd cause Bryan and I ...well, that's not an issue. So one would randomly give report on if they'd gone that day, and then everyone else would chime in (pretty sure it was always Blake to bring it up). Well now we regularly get updates while getting the other daily reports. Two thoughts on this (there are a lot more, I'll share two): 1.) when you go to someone's house and you think what they do is weird....ummm, this is our weirdest. 2.) being in nursing school and having spend a significant amount of years being very involved in their every bodily everything, I do actually appreciate knowing this information. And, final word, they were not paying attention to the frequency, because they do, in fact, go quite regularly. 

For Christmas I got a cute little house that you store veggies in. I've discovered that carrots, celery, and peas work the best. Broccoli and especially cauliflower do not hold up great. Stella discovered this week that this little house exists on the table. The table that she feels she's been granted access to. She also discovered she's not a big fan of broccoli, but needed to bring several pieces over to the couch and really work on them before deciding this. It not lives on the peninsula counter. Also, with this little house we go through a good pound of veggies daily (there may be a link between this and the paragraph just prior). 

I got a call from Wade's teacher yesterday because his lunch got knocked off and spilled, so he needed school lunch and he was kind of upset, so she called to let me know. We chatted for a few minutes and she brought up the book that he's reading and said that he's always so excited to tell her every detail and she has no idea what he's talking about, but just says "wow" "or really?!" and other such appropriate reactions. She's so good! I told her that I'm reading the book along with him and I also don't always know what he's talking about either, ha!

Did a clinical today where we taught some preschoolers about health. It's for my public health class. I was paired with one other person, who happens to be my favorite person in the program, so that was awesome. Leaving our instructor started to say something, then said she probably shouldn't, then did anyway - ours was the best she'd seen yet. We high-fived. The bar was likely low, but I'll take the win. 

 I bought new laundry detergent and we hate the smell. Glad I got it at Costco so we have a lot of it. Glad we confirmed that the smell was the detergent AFTER I washed all the laundry for the week. Genuinely glad to discover it was the detergent cause for a day I thought it was the smell of a patient I couldn't get off me even after I showered, so a little relief. 


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