Half way

Read something today saying that today marks the halfway point between winter solstice and spring equinox. Today also marks the halfway point in this term of school! 5.5 weeks left (and then just one more term!!). There is more and more light and hope every single day. 

I've hit a milestone or moment in my motherhood that I didn't even know to be excited for: Wade and I are reading books together! Or we're reading the same book apart and then we discuss (mostly he tells me in painstaking detail what has happened, even though I too have read it). He needs to read at school as well as on his own, and I simply don't have any self control/only know how to binge read, so it works out. We start out reading together, we're on the second series that he didn't think sounded any good and I started it for us and he got so into it - he even said one night "mom, you were right." This weekend we went to the library for book 2 in a series (The Gifted Clan Series) and it was checked out, but I could see that it was nearby, so while running errands I went there, couldn't find it, finally found it, checked it out, realized on the way home it was book 1 that we've already read, took it back, still couldn't find book 2. I put in a hold request and picked it up today, he was sooooo excited! We walked in the door and he said "I'm going to go disappear" and he did. The 3rd book doesn't come out until August, first time he's going to come to that disappointing reality. I also picked up books 2 & 3 of another series that we started...for myself. Yes. I picked up some 5th grade level books for myself. They are good (Half Upon a Time series, if you're wondering)! I also stayed up the night before a test to finish the first one. I still do not have the results of that test, so I don't know yet if that was a bad choice or a wise/life balance choice. 

On the note of reading: Jacqueline just jumped ahead in her abilities. She's been progressing along and all the sudden she is getting sent home these long, kind of difficult books and she's just breezing through. She says she's the best reader in her class. When did that happen? Blake spends more time being mad about reading than reading, so...she's not there. 

Wade hit air this weekend snowboarding! 

He did not land it...

I got intense play-by-plays of each fall and what hit where and how many times and how it was other peoples fault for being on the mountain. But this is the first (physical) thing we've seen him keep trying and practicing and going at it.

Girls went wild making Valentine's décor. This one on got hung on my door (with painters tape, nice touch). I really like the "froms" "valertimes" "best dog in the word" all the "love love" and, my absolute favorite/needed to be on here: 9/9=1/ 

This was the décor on Wade's door. I will be keeping this. 

Kids decided to make a video of them putting their feet up and then putting their arms behind their heads. I don't know why it was exciting, but they were so proud of their coordination (they never once did a single thing on beat or synced). 

Last night Bryan went to check on the girls before we went to bed. When he went in Blake was sitting straight up in her bed, eyes opened, back straight as a board. He asked her why she was sitting up, and she turned slowly towards him and whispered "I don't know." CREEPY! 

We were getting ready to go somewhere. Or I was hustling the kids out to school? I don't know, but Wade was in his room and said "Yeah, almost there, I just need to figure out what the rock of the month is." I thought maybe he has something that tells him a rock of the month that he was looking at. Nope. He just picks one of his rocks each month and tells the girls....and that's what he was busy "doing."


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