Pink laces and Blue rompers

This weekend we drove to Iowa to celebrate Easter on the family farm. Having a family farm makes me feel like a true mid-westerner. It's not my family's farm...wait, let me restate that, I married into this family farm. It's full of treasures that the aunts encourage me to take home and cherish, which I do cause it's cool stuff and because I love things with meaning. I scored a fan and camera that now only function as looking legit on my desk. Someday when Wade asks me about it (cause he's ever going to care about the decor in the house....right) I can say it belonged to his great grandma. At least that's what I tell Husband when he asks why I'm taking home this "junk."

Stella scored a tick. Not such treasure. I found it on her while picking off burrs. Thank goodness for burrs? It had just started trying to burrow and FIL got it out real quick. She's up to date on her shots. No lasting anything. Except for some hibbie jibbies for me.

Look that face. And those thighs!!

Wade's starting to sit up by himself! Sort of. 

Shirt Gap, clearance | Pants Old Navy, sale 
Shoes H&M, thrifted 

Romper Gap, clearance 

I didn't know about the tick when I let my kid sit on the grass and let my dog snuggle us. Don't go judging. 

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