Diary of Wade: 4 months

I'm four months old today - I woke up super early so we could get celebrating! Dad brought me into his room, turned on the ceiling fan and handed me to mom to get my birthday breakfast. Breakfast and a fan show! Then mom put me between her and dad's pillows and rolled over to fall back asleep while I got to watch the fan, wiggle, chew on the sheets and kick the comforter! Good start to the day.

This month I've been busy, like real busy. I rolled over a bunch, both ways, then it got old and now I'm using my tummy time to figure out crawling. I've still got a ways to go, but I'm working on it. I like putting things in my mouth, most of the times I end up sucking on empty hands, but they're pretty fun. I really like getting chewing on my blanket. Mom says I might be teething. I've also started snuggling my blankets, they're so soft! I like them right next to my head where I can cozy up next to it, and I can grab hold for better chewing. Sometimes I get them stuck on my face, haven't figured out how to get them off yet, so I just holler for mom to fix it for me. I've also been talking a lot this month. Guess I'm just like my mom. I don't say any actual words, but mom and I chat all the time. I jabber to my toys, prattle on during church, monologue in the car and babble in the bath. There is just so much to talk about. 

I had my first taste of something besides mommy's milk. Prune juice. I think I'll stick to the milk. Mom said I had to have some cause I hadn't pooed in 13 days. But I felt fine! Mom googled it and it's normal for breast fed babies to not poop very often, they just use up the milk very efficiently. I was just being efficient! But I guess 13 days was a little too long. I only pooped 4 times this entire month, using every ounce of the cream mom makes for me. 

I'm still liking my play gym. I like to hit the toys to send them flying, but I also like grabbing onto them and getting them in my mouth. Mom lowered the toys so I can play with them better. It's great cause when I let go the toy is still right there - when I play with toys anywhere else I keep dropping them, so annoying! 

This is my favorite toy right now. I picked it out myself. Mom was handing me different lame toys to see which on I liked best, but as soon as she picked this one up I snatched it from her and didn't even want to let it go for her to buy it. It's so cool, it makes crinkle noises, has things to chew on and even croaks like a real frog! And it's the perfect size for me to be able to hang onto. Stella thinks it's pretty cool too and steals it every time I drop it.  

Stella and I are becoming pretty good friends. She likes to play with her toys on my play mat next to me. Sometimes I pet her and sometimes she licks my hand. She likes to bark at the birds outside which is funny stuff - I laugh real hard when she barks. She's still not sure how to play with me, but when I get real wiggly she runs around me in circles - oh I can't wait to crawl so we can really play! 

Mom and dad started sleep training with me. I cried a lot the first night, I thought maybe they couldn't hear me, so I'd scream louder. I was so upset and sad that they were being so mean! But the next night I slept for 8 hours straight and it felt real good, maybe they knew what they were doing. Mom still feeds me once a night, sometimes I wake up to let her know I'm ready to eat but she doesn't come in so I guess it's not time to eat yet and I fall back asleep. She knows how to take care of me - I rarely need to cry during the day to let her know that I'm hungry, she feeds me right when I'm thinking I could use a snack, so I guess I'll trust her at night too. And I have so much energy during the day to play! 

I'll leave you with a bunch of other pictures of me being adorable. Until next month!  


  1. Favorite picture is definitely the one with the raised eyebrows and his little Americana shoes seen behind him. That is still second to the one you sent me on conference day, though.

  2. I love that you have Wade narrate his updates....so cute :) He looks like such a happy little guy!

  3. Haha only 4 poops a month!! That is pretty sweet and I'll bet they are big ones. Emma doesn't miss a day. When she was younger it was even the same time everyday. Then now that she is older it is a couple times a day. :( Anyway he is sure a cutie!!