Family Pictures - April 2014

Two years ago today Husband and I were married! It feels like it's been a lot longer. Not cause he's a handful (usually) just so much has happened. Two cars, five moves, one house, one dog and one baby later, here we are. Happy.  

There must be some cosmic principle that whenever a child does something adorable and picture worthy the parents must look ridiculous - it must be to balance out the cuteness or something. At least that's how it works around here. So we decided to take a family picture at least once a month. This is our first attempt. Husband and I agree that we'll love being able to look back and see how our family grows. And he promised that he'll wear whatever I tell him to...oh the power I wield! I'm excited because this will give us several pictures to hang on walls, send to grandparents, put in memory books ect.

Our first attempt (all I can say is, shadows! We're not photographers, but hoping we'll get better). I set up my tripod I got for my birthday (thanks mom!) and used the camera remote I got for Christmas (thanks Travis!). All the pictures were taken from the same angle and I just chopped them up to emphasize what I wanted for each one. Not professional, but I pleased with how this little DIY photoshoot turned out. And it was easy! Just a walk in the park with a little stop and smiles. 

Jeans Lucky, outlet | Blouse Gap, outlet 
Shoes Anthropology, thrifted

Jeans Joe's, thrifted | Shirt Banana Republic, outlet 
Shoes Nike, outlet

Onsie Carter's, gift | Overalls Little Wonders, garage sale
Shoes kicked off on the sidewalk :) 

What do you do to capture family moments and milestones? What do you wish you had done to remember and commemorate life events? 


  1. Ah, I love the monthly family photo idea!! What fun treasures to look back on :)

  2. These are beautiful! And I love your outfit too!

  3. awesome idea..I just got to talk my husband into it now.

    One idea for you for future pictures is when you throw the baby in the air- you take the picture after/ as they land and It gets a really big smile on both ou and the baby. You just pull the baby in close to you. You can take it with both you looking at the baby and you looking at the camera.