Snow day lounging

I thought the saying was April showers...not six inches of snow.

Husband has two shows this weekend, so it's just the prince and me hanging out. What's better than snuggling up with a book on a snowy day? Snuggling up with a baby; he is a furnace! I would get around to painting, but I want to open the windows to ventilate, so instead we're having tummy time together today. And I can't help but get pulled into playing with this guy.

Tshirt H&M, thrifted | Pants Gap, thrifted 

Onsie Target, clearance | Pants Gymboree, gift

I got the impression from countless mothers, fathers, blogs, baby sites, ect. that children are an inconvenience... is that the word I want? People love their kids, but they're always looking for ways to occupy their mini's so they can get on with their lives. And having to do activities that are child friendly is the most frustrating thing ever. Well world, you suck! I was seriously apprehensive and I didn't entirely get why people had children. Based on the world's portrayal, I still don't get why lots of people have children. Is it cool to act like you're in a bouncy castle prison? Maybe it's the same thing with people acting like their spouse is a ball and chain. Why does society make people feel the need to act like their families are holding them captive?

Well, around here, nobody puts the baby in the corner.

I'm sure I'll have plenty of times that I'll be desperate for Wade to be occupied so I can get things done, but being a mom has been vastly different from the way the world portrayed it to me. I'm glad. My life has changed drastically, but for the better. I'm a different person. Unscrubbed bathrooms and disheveled closets don't taunt me anymore. Painted toe nails and ironed blouses are no longer necessary components of my day. I still clean, I still get ready, I still like making life beautiful - but the emphasis has altered, old activities no longer fulfill me the same way, even if I still get great enjoyment from them. I've learned that baby smiles are the most beautiful thing - prettier than an immaculate house or a couture outfit. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have it all, but since I can't I'm making sure that I'm getting the best things in first...everything else can fall in place behind.

How have your priorities changed along with life changes? What are your most important things now? What are the things that have been fallen to the back of the line?


  1. I love this!!! I love kids and knew I always wanted my own but there are days when I get so overwhelmed and scared when I think about becoming a mom based on some of my experiences and the world's views on it. I have fallen in love with other people's kids (boys I nannied for, friends kids, etc) and everyone says it is different with your own so I hoped to feel that much love and more for my own kids but there are days I worried I would feel unfulfilled. I love hearing your perspective as a first time mom and how much you love it! Your thoughts help ease some of my nervousness. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Good! Because it's lovely. Hard, but not how the world makes it seem. It's fulfilling - course I make myself busy with other stuff too so I never feel like I'm trapped and resent things. When you're ready you'll be an amazing mom

  2. I feel the same way about babies. But then my babies turned into Carson and Allie and my tune has changed. Haha! Kidding, kind of, but not really. I do, indeed, suck. Toddlers and kids are tough business. They gotta go to the corner occasionally to keep household sanity.
    You're such a good mommy. And baby Wade rules.

    1. Oh man, we'll definitely have plenty of corner time. And lots of cartoon time. And lots of days that grandma will get kids dropped off on her doorstep. But I'm excited for it all in a way that I didn't expect.
      Oh, and lots of days when I'm counting the minutes for Bryan to get home or when I'll just show up at your house

    2. Haha you're the best. And speaking of you coming over....I miss you!