Kitchen redo {counter tops}

We got our new counter tops! I made dinner last night, first time in a week that it didn't come straight from a box or a can. Woohoo for a mostly functioning kitchen. I felt like Mrs. Elton, quite the gourmet (or at least my friends say so...that's for you sister). But really, I'm pretty sure dinner tasted better being prepped on these counters. Or maybe it goes back to living on microwavable sustenance for so long. I love McDonald's as much as more than the next person, but I think my insides might be preserved like an Egyptian after this week.

Here we are topless :). Husband and I took the old laminate out ourselves - so proud of ourselves! Helps that it was pretty easy. Course either of our dads could've had the job done in 1/4 the time. The old sink was wicked heavy, that took us the longest to get out.

And here's the new granite being put in!! (the lighting looks terrible, I was trying to be as out of the way as I could while getting a few shots). The glue smelled so bad. Our house has been a chemical mess for weeks now. No more smelly projects until it's warm enough to open the windows, so in August.

So this is all super exciting, except....they did a terrible job installing and we're having them come back out to fix it. I could post tons of pictures of their mess ups - every slab is crooked, one side will be flush with the wall and the other will be up to a 1/2" off! The worst place is behind the sink. The installers told me that it's cause our wall isn't straight, which didn't surprise me about this house, but after they left we saw that they messed up the angle! One left mark is where they put the corner of the counter and the right mark is the corner of our wall.

They didn't want to have to fix it so they lied! I must have gullible written on my face. A few weeks ago we had our air ducts cleaned and they skimped on that too! Maybe it's cause we're young and people think they can pull the wool over our eyes? Really it just ends up with them having to come back out (which we're a ways off the beaten path) and do it right. Annoying. I have to wait around all day for them to come back, we can't install our plumbing (cooking with no sink and nor able to do dishes - as fun as it sounds) and I can't move back into my kitchen. Them mess in our house is remarkable.

Where are the forks?!? I also took a picture of the laundry pile taking over the hallway, but we've been clothing ourselves from it for so long that it's no longer impressive. Last night Husband and I took a break from projects and did a quick clean to find our sanity. And socks.


  1. I love the random jar of peanut butter and half a loaf of bread next to the drill on the table in that last pic. hahaha

    It'll all be worth it when your kitchen is finished, tho, right?? It looks great so far..the counter tops are beautiful!

  2. You guys are pretty handy!!! I know who I will be asking how to do things when we move in to our first place! Because heaven knows I will be DIYing everything I can!!! Can't wait to see it all finished!

  3. I am so excited to see the finished product. It is looking great already. This makes me so excited to get a house one day and do a bunch of DIY projects!