Diary of Wade: 6 months

I'm six months old! I missed my first half birthday by a few days because...my aunt Elizabeth came to visit me!!!

aunt elizabeth

Mom put me in the car on the morning of my half birthday, I took a nice nap and when I woke up we were at the airport picking up Lizzy! I was so surprised. Mom didn't let on at all. We've been having so much fun. Last time I saw her I was just a little baby, so I had to show her what a big guy I am now and the fun things I've been up to.

I've started eating food. I love it. Like LOVE. I really like broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, peaches and tomatoes. Mom's worried I will turn orange. I'm under stick beta-carotene surveillance. Beside broccoli I just don't like green food. Not a fan of green beans or peas. Definitely do not like peas.

eating food in my high chair

Sometimes mom doesn't make my food fast enough. How does she think that's okay? Unacceptable. I let her know about my distress:

waiting for food

I can sit up and play all by myself. Mom and I have been spending lots of time outside. She puts me in the shade and I can play with my toys. I love summer.

sitting up outside

I also love bedtime. I let mom know when she's taking too long on that too. I like to get in my crib and play with my worm. You can see him here a little in this picture (he has numbers on his belly). He is my best friend. Sometimes I wake up at night just to play with him.

sleeping with my BFF

I also like to wiggle all over my crib. I wiggle to the top, down to the bottom. I end up sideways and upside down. Sometimes I wiggle myself to the top and get my head wedged or get my leg stuck between the rungs - then I scream for mom or dad's help. Easy fix.

sleeping sideways

I'm so big that I can grab the toys on my swing. I am so proud whenever I grab it.

grabbing mobile toys

Mom got me this toy at a yard sale. It is so much fun. I can stand and play. It is awesome. This whole standing thing is pretty legit.

loving my car

Sometimes I'm just having so much fun I don't realize I'm so sleepy.

sleeping in my car

What else is going on...I like talking and screeching. It is so much fun to make noises. I like to talk to my toys and scream to the air. The best place is during church when everyone is quiet, then I can hear myself super well.

When I get really excited I sway my head from left to right - makes it harder to sit up, but I just can't contain all my enjoyment in my little body! Mom calls it my bob n'weave.

I had a spec of a tooth for about a week, but now it's disappeared. Lame. Mom and dad smile at me with their big teeth and I want some. And I worked really hard for that spec, it hurt. Maybe by next month I'll have something to show off.

I'm closer to one year old than I am to birth now. So many exciting things between now and then. Off to eat some carrots then to bed!

Until next month,


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