Diary of Wade: 8 months

Wade here.


I love these glasses - they're a toy that mom puts right on my face.

This month I've been playing and discovering and getting my hands on everything I can.

I'm still playing with this same play gym, this thing has gotten it's use. I'm using it differently - now it's my standing post.

standing at my play gym

Or sometimes I like to use my feet to push it around.

feet on my play gym

And one time this happened:

knocked my playgym over
This is my favorite toy. It's a food tin - makes the best drum. Stella and I keep stealing it back from one another.

this is my favorite toy

I love my tower bowls too. Mom stacks them up a hundred times a day for me to knock down. She would be so bored without me.

mom picks these up for me all day long

I finally grabbed my car window butterfly. Now whenever I'm in the car I keep a hand on it. Sometimes two.

I can grab the butterfly

And I got my hands on a strainer during a bath.

I can grab the strainer

And my diapers. I pull these out a few times a day.

I can grab the diapers

And I played with the vacuum.

playing with the vaccum

So many toys!

so many toys

This is how mom and I get ready in the morning:

playing in the mirror

I've started riding in the cart - which helps me make even more friends at the grocery store.

riding in the cart

We went on a road trip this month so mom let me bring along some toys that I usually only play with at home. This is my frog piano - I liked to kick it to the end of my car seat, where mom couldn't take it from me, and play it with my feet.

we went on a roadtrip

I'm still working on crawling. Not there yet, but I can still move around pretty good. Good enough that Dad can't keep up.

sleeping on dad

And good enough that I keep getting stuck:

legs out of crib

Mom had to use some vaseline one time - that was not cool! Other than that I love my crib. I get to wiggle and move and screech to my hearts content.

legs out of crib while awake

When I do finally fall sleep I love snuggling my blankets.

legs out of crib haha

We went to the county fair to celebrate today. All the animals were just lying around, so I entertained myself with the tag on my stroller - I'm getting big enough to finally reach it. And mom let me try cotton candy - now that's celebrating! Maybe I'll finish my day off celebrating by sleeping through the night...

Naw, mom would miss me too much if she didn't see me all night.

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