Plain white

I poured over what color to paint our entryway. Had swatches everywhere. Compared them to the floor and the grey walls in our living room - making sure everything would mesh. I bought several samples. This area is awkward and I really wanted out entry to say something about us. Plus I planned on using this color elsewhere in our house. So I belabored the process. Finally picked one and turns it's white. Just plain white.

So, what does that say about us?! Bother.

Well it's not completely white. It has a little bit of a warm undertone to it. And, turns out, I'm really liking it! Course, anything is better than the orange.

grass and swing

Husband suggested we get a cheaper paint since we were covering a lighter color. Terrible idea. Again, for emphasis so I never forget: TERRIBLE IDEA! Especially in this place that has so much to trim - doing it three times was awful. Then I ran out of paint and got a nicer paint to finish with. You could tell where the paint switched. It looked real bad. Even though they were the same sheen. How did painting something almost white cause this much heartburn?! So glad it's done.

Now I've got things to hang - which is definitely the fun part!

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