unsolicited advice: baby essentials

This what people do, right? Been a mom for like a minute, so now I'm a total expert and it's time for me to shove it down your throat.

Kidding, totally kidding. For me this is more a thank you to these inanimate objects that have been my most faithful companions in the first few months of motherhood. Making the journey a little easier. Hopefully as you shift through mommy blogs talking about their essentials, you'll find what works for you and end up with your own list of essentials that you can lovingly pass on.

grass and swing

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This list is both minimal and extreme. You don't see any lotions, shampoos or creams cause I didn't use a whole lot. the ones I did/do use are fine, but I don't have any strong attachment/opinion. But you'll also see a fan, humidifier and space heater cause comfortable sleeping conditions is a top priority. Same with the car set up - car seat, extra base, hanging toy, car seat blanket, and mirror - I take a lot of the items with me when I travel cause ease of transport is a must!

Here's a quick run down of WHY each item is on the list, and a quick than you :).

1. Playgym: I had a friend tell me to not get one. Ignored that. Loved this. He played with it up until he started sitting, which was great cause when he'd let go of a toy it wouldn't roll out of his reach. I work from home and this made it possible in the first few months.
2. Travel system: worth the investment. Wade would be sleeping and I could easily transfer him to his stroller without having to wake him. My mom was so jealous she didn't have anything like this in her day. For me I didn't even think of it as a luxury, just a necessity.
3. Extra car seat base: we have two cars. Husband likes driving his car more. So we have the "car set up" in both cars. Makes life so much easier. Whenever #2 comes along, Husband will just have to deal with taking my car.
4. Car mirror: I love this. Husband and I both love looking back to see what Wade's up to. When he's fussy I can see why, I know when he's fallen asleep, and I can see the cute things he does. One time he fell asleep holding his hanging toy, let go and searched for the toy with his hand in his sleep. It was youtube worthy - only I was driving. But at least I got to witness it!
5. Fan: Babies are roasty. Everyone's all like "keep your kid warm" I wasn't ready for what a radiator he would be. I don't use this in the cold months, but in the summer it was wonderful to keep air moving in his room - especially since we shut the door for noise.
6. Space heater: We live in Minnesota. Last year was the worst winter this century or something outrageous like that. This winter is supposed to be just as bad (why do we live here?!). But babies don't know how to stay under the covers. Wade knows how to take all his blankies and wad them up in a ball, but that's about it. I often go in a put a blanket on him, but it doesn't stay long. Having a little heater in his room has been wonderful and makes me worry less. Get on that has a thermostat setting, not just on/off.
7. Sleep sack: see above. Wade lived in these his first few months. LOVED them.
8. Swing: this is the MamaRoo. I really wanted one. It looks so cool. I got a different one, but it was still great. We moved when Wade was one month old, so we didn't get this until we were in our new place. I think that first month would have been a vastly different experience with the swing.
9. Humidifier: Lots of little babies get these annoying rasps in their throats. You feel bad for them and you go crazy. This helped a lot. And in winter months having the furnace running really dries out the air, so this is wonderful! They have a lot of fun options now too - animal ones that your kids will love and sleek, stylish ones that you'll love.
10. Car seat blanket: Again, it's cold here! I loved this thing. It's like a super cozy sleeping bag. I would be walking out to the car with my coat, hat, gloves and boots and I'd look at him and I was so jealous. He looked so comfy. I would actually unzip it in the car and throw it off when we got going, cause, y'know, they're radiators.
11. Swaddle blankets: Everyone loves these. Everyone. I used them for everything. Swaddling, snuggling, nursing cover, burp rag, booger wiper. I always had it with me around the house and I'd only have to carry one item in my diaper bag.
12. Hanging car toy: Wade loves this. All other toys inevitably get thrown somewhere in the back seat that is out of my arms reach, this one is always obtainable. When he was itsy bitsy he would stare at this thing. Then one day he touched it. Now he'll hang on and swing that thing all over.
13. Thermometer: Get this one. I had a forehead reader. Wade got a fever and it read everywhere from 96.5 to 106.1.  Um...that's a big span. Most stressful night ever. Do I take him in? His fever could barely be 100...or he might literally be boiling with 106! I went out and got this the next day, way better.

And there we go, and baker's dozen. Speaking of, I learned what a baker's dozen was and every time we went to get donuts I'd put 13 in. Cause we were getting them from the bakery, so you get 13! My mom just shook her head when she found out.

What are your baby essentials? What got you through?!

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