Something wicked this way comes...

Only I don't do wicked. At all. I love love love Halloween and October, except for the commercials for scary movies or haunted houses. Those cannot end fast enough.

I've been slowly/not so slowly adding to my Halloween decor each year. I love pulling things out of the box that I've made and I think about how crafty and awesome I am. And I love adding to my collection. 

Here's this year's additions:

1. Pillows!
DIY halloween spider web pillow from Ikea pillow cover

I was a little bit of a cheat and got the pillow covers at Ikea for $4. Worth it! And they look way nicer, cause I'm a sloppy seamstress and try to avoid sewing zippers at all cost. I used a silver paint pen for the spider web. By the end the pen was real mad at me for using it on fabric.

DIY halloween bat pillow from Ikea pillow cover

I cut out bats from felt and hot glued them on cause I am all about quality. This pillow needs a lint roller real bad. I would not recommend the black Ikea $4 pillow. When these manufacturers make something with black fabric don't they test it out for the link factor? They should. I have a black shirt that everything sticks to. It's going to the giveaway pile. Not worth it.

With not having to sew these pillows I made both of these in under an hour.

2. Witch hats!
witch hats hanging in the dining room for Halloween

I love these. And these cool stars have magnets in them so they pop up and fold down real easy. Like magic. I should really get some fishing wire for the hats - but done is better than perfect.

Okay, those were the only two categorical creations. I also got a piece of fabric that I'm calling a table cloth:

DIY sugar skull Halloween table cloth

And here's the candy corn wreath I made a few years back. Still holding strong. Candy corn will survive the apocalypse.

DIY candy corn halloween wreath and spider web bowl

Here's a few more lame shots. Weird angles and terrible sunlight. And nothing too exciting in each. Might look more exciting if I was a better photographer. Good photographers make nothing look way cool. Like I want to play with that nothing.

Hanging witch hat for halloween

I had a few more ideas of things I wanted to make cause I like to overload myself and break down. Husband thinks that's an awesome quality of mine. Oh he's so understanding. But I self regulated and stopped here for the year. Plus, I've started on our costumes! I think I'll finally have to face a zipper.

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