This week: 4.15.15

This week. Hmmm...

Things are settling down a little. Wait, no. Just about every room is in disarray as I nest/spring clean. But mentally things have settled for me and I don't feel overwhelmed with my to-do list. It's back to little by little instead of the whole whale at once.

I'm going to report on each person this week, but first let me share that we ate 4 pounds of strawberries in two days. Not a complete 48 hours. Husband informed me that he only got 6.


He continues to be everywhere.

He still takes two naps a day, but it's a struggle. I would switch him to just one, but he can barely make it to 9:00 am without a nap! But he grumpily fights the afternoon - how can such an exhausted child put up such a fight?

I realized that he shouldn't take a bottle anymore. Like, he shouldn't have a for a while. Oblivious mom over here! Since he nursed, he didn't take a bottle until he was one anyway, but apparently that's when he should have been done. Oops. He takes sippy cups, drinks from cups and can use the straw on my water bottle (leaving minimal floaties now) - so I'm not overly worried, but we're still phasing out the bottle. It's currently sticking around to help with that afternoon nap.

Here are a few Wade moments captured this week:

1. We've been leaving Stella's food down and teaching Wade to leave it alone. After a week it's going okay. But he still sits by it occasionally, tempting himself. Stella is way better about eating her food when Wade touches it - she gets all territorial. If Wade ignores then she does too - dumb dog.
2. Wade figured out how to open the drawers in our bedroom. Or maybe he just realized that they do actually open. Whatever the case, they've been open a lot. Husband and I basically just share two sock drawers now instead of having one each. And we have socks all over the house.
3. We went to Ace Hardware for some paint (There is only half a wall of orange left in my house!!) and while waiting Wade found this chair. He was so cute, it was on sale, I'm a push over - we bought it. Husband informed me that he'll never use it...likely true.
4. Wade intently watching a song on Disney. He only stops for the songs. Sometimes he does a little dance, sometimes he sits and stares. I'm likely the only mom trying to get my kid to zone out in front of the TV at least a little - prepping for when babies get here. I'm going to need the TV to babysit a least a few minutes a day :).
5. Wade LOVES walks and being outside. Whenever I let Stella out he stands at the sliding glass door whining in jealousy. I've been practicing with him to walk in from the car - but if the garage door is open he escapes and decided we're going on a walk.

Sunday he didn't take his afternoon nap. He was so tired that we scored some actual snuggles. It was great. I also got some loves while doing my yoga stretches - Husband did too, right in the face.

He's a climber now. It's cute. And annoying cause he gets himself stuck. Oh one year olds.

See, the climbing continues! This chair has been in this spot for months, and he just started caring about it. I had to move it away from the wall so he doesn't go right over - cause he totally would. Added plus is that he can walk behind the chair to grab whatever he's thrown back there. 

P.S. this is my nursing twins chair. I got it ages ago at Goodwill for $13. I was thinking of getting rid of it cause it's huge, glad I didn't!

Me - aka, pregnancy/maternity/the twins:

I'm 18 weeks and 1 day. The babies are likely about 5 ounces and 5.5 inches long.

The rest of me isn't keeping up with my belly. I can still fit into a few of my normal pants (and button them), but they're getting more uncomfortable. But maternity pants are too baggy and won't stay up! I know, poor me - skinny with just a HUGE belly. 

My belly button is outta control. Mind of it's own crazy! For giggles Husband and I taped it down; it took a lot of tape. 

I felt the babies move a while ago, Husband felt them last week, but I haven't felt them much this week. I know it's early and normal, but is totally messing with my mind. 

Next Tuesday we have an ultrasound where we'll find out for sure what baby A and baby B will be. I've started talking to Wade about his sisters - Husband chastens me, he's still holding out for a boy in the mix. 

I've been doing project like CRAZY! Yes, that had to be upper case, for dramatic effect. Many are projects that I've had the materials for and I've just been lazy. I set up a little sewing spot in the spare room closet that I can close when not in use. 

Along with making stuff I've been organizing, rearranging and sending stuff on it's way like no other! I'm pretty good at purging unnecessary items (which is funny cause all the decor in my house is technically unnecessary!), but when you realize you're making room for two more (plus their gear!) everything goes. It's so refreshing. Same goes for organizing, things are getting creative around here 

Oooo - and I've been doing a little shopping for the girls. Double stroller + car seats = done. And a few outfits on clearance, cause I had to. Like I said, we'll find out next week, in the meantime I'm taking my deals and keeping my receipts. 


Has been golfing as much as he can. AS MUCH AS HE CAN! Which includes putting around outside with Wade and Stella after work.

Has been stressed. Go figure. But he's not a stressed out person, so he really has no clue what to do! It's funny. And sad. I've already worked on stepping back and prioritizing/planning for these babies - he hasn't really yet, so it's still all one huge, massive chunk. I've been filling him in on my plans, where were at, ect. And I told him I'd go on a spending freeze for a while. A little while. And I've been giving him more time to decompress - see above, lots of golf.

Has been trying to eat healthier. What! He's allowing me to pack him a fruit or veggie snack every day. There is also a request for ranch, nutella, or something similar to accompany said healthy stuff, but we're going somewhere.

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