This week: April 8

This week:

The knowledge that we're having twins is setting in and I'm able to sleep through the night again. Important things like car seat configurations and nursery decor were keeping me wide awake!

Wade is getting all of his first molars. Lots of drool.

We're painting! All of the orange in our house is almost gone!!!!! I think I need a few more exclamation marks...!!!!!!! I hate painting. It's the worst. Maybe cause I'm really bad at it. But so excited it's almost done.

We bought a double stroller. I like it, but I also hate it because it's HUGE! But I think all strollers that can carry two infant car seats are huge. Unless you get the city select double - but I'm not swallowing the price tag to go with it. My laundry room will become a stroller parking lot.

Husband and I celebrated our three year anniversary! Nothing like three years and having your third kiddo on the way. It really feels like it's been so much longer - in a good way.

Some of my maternity clothes already don't fit. Oh dear.

I bought tickets for Wade and me to come out to Nevada and Utah! So excited to see everyone. I had to get out there fast before the waddle sets in. It's a whole month away, so I might be waddling down terminals anyways.

Wade finally started standing up on his own. He always needed a wall, a leg or a 1/2" tall toy to help him stand. It was all in his head and he finally figured out he can stand without a support.

No pictures this week. But I'm working on some home tour updates! With twins looming (doesn't that sound ominous) we are getting projects DONE around here.

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