This week: 4.22.15

Yesterday we found out we're having two girls! At an early ultrasound they suspected it, but they're more for sure now. As sure as you can be until we actually get to meet them. Here's Wade's reaction:

Okay, not really. He's completely unaware that any babies are coming at all. Although he is pretty interested in my huge belly. He's upset because I shut the garage door and wouldn't let him play in there anymore. Cause the garage is almost as cool as outside.

The girls look healthy. They're both weighing in at around 11 ounces - measuring at a week ahead at 20 weeks. We're playing with names. Right now we're thinking Jacqueline Kay and Blake Elizabeth.

Other than babies, life has been busy this week! Wade has been discovering EVERYTHING (I honestly thought he'd already done that....).

We've had lots of walks - with sticks:

Sometimes the walks are not planned. Wade just decided we need to go: 

So I'm that mom, with the half naked, barefooted baby running down the street. Eh, I'm okay with that.

And Wade discovered the game cupboard. He's known about the game cupboard, he just learned to open up some of the games. It felt like Jurassic Park when they think they have the situation under control, unless the Velociraptors learned how to open up doors - which they totally do. I felt like I had the game cupboard situation under control too, until now.

Husband pulling out the Jenga stack was like Christmas morning. No, better, cause Wade didn't really care two cents about Christmas. He watched with bated breath - it was awesome. He's played in theis corner for HOURS in the last few days. Stacking Jenga pieces, putting them in the box, emptying them from the box. Then he discovered Boggle and Yahtzee. Those are put up now because he kept putting the dice in his mouth - eeeek! Coming to terms with never having all the pieces to anything ever again. Oh well.

Wade has also been busy in my pantry (all cupboards are pretty fair game at this point):

He pulled out my Dr. Pepper. Took everything out of the box, put everything into the box. I was taking cute pictures and put one can on top of the other - then it was all over, he realized these things can stack! Just be careful opening any pop cans around here.

He's also been playing with/beating up my potatoes daily. I have a bin for potatoes and one for onions - they get transferred from one to the other repeatedly. He also peeled all my onions yesterday. Thanks kiddo.

Good thing he's such a stinkin' cutie!

He stacked that tower of cups all by himself! He's gotten pretty good at putting them in the correct order. A moment later he smashed it like Godzilla - cause that's why you build towers, duh.

He's also been getting "stuck" a lot:

Can you see how he's stuck on the 1" window seal ledge? And stuck on this box that he was more than able to climb onto? And how he got stuck on the lid? Oh my.

Wade has taught me how to use my washing machine. He can reach the buttons now, so I had to figure out how to change the settings. Why not just shut the door you ask? Cause it's a pocket door that slides open = a toy instead of an obstacle for a 16 month old.

He's also been really fascinated with out printer. I think I'm going to unplug that.

We also flooded our upstairs bathroom and had a little water damage leak to the downstairs bathroom. Wait, we is wrong - Husband flooded it with a water system for his fish tank. Don't even get me started :).

Husband announced that none of his polo shirts fit. Join the club - we're all popping out of clothes around here! This lead to Husband letting me go through his clothes and actually get rid of stuff. You know, stuff that hasn't fit him for years, has holes, looks awful, ect. It was awesome. Almost made up for him flooding my house. Almost.

And I've been working like a mad-woman on projects. I don't know how much longer I'll have the energy. And I really don't know why I've been putting off so many of my projects. Why?! It's just like finals week - gotta have a deadline.

Pocket pillow. With an awesome button. Used scraps from the wedding I helped with last November. Put this in the living room. 
Watercolor rhino. I also made a lion and elephant to go with it. For the loft/playroom. 
Yarn wall hanging. I even made the pom-poms - what?! For the girls room. Dang, this picture is actually before it was finished, now there are two rows of pom-poms. 

And the spare room/nursery is almost done being painted!! Husband loved the red and is sad to see it go. I am less so. 
The whole thing needs another coat (at least, red is so hard to cover!). And I've been cursing the formers the entire time! There is red on all the trim and the ceiling. The window I had to repaint white (which it needed it anyway, even without the red all over it) and ended up having to edge the ceiling with white. Perhaps not the best option, it's a brighter white than the older ceiling paint, but looks WAY better than red poking through or using the grey/green to try to cover it up - you really only notice if you know you're looking for it. 

I also put a post this week about Wade's room - see it here

How has your week been? What projects are you working on? 


  1. Congratulations on having girls!! It will be a blast! OK Wade is seriously the cutest kid around. Love the pictures and curiosity. Reminds me of Emma (although she didn't seem so mischievous). Either I love reading up on your life, and am glad to hear things are going good. It would be nice to see you sometime. If you are out in UT and have some time let me know. I think Emma and Wade would be nice friends. :)

  2. I love how your boy is discovering things! So cute and so entertaining. :) And I'm impressed with the crafts. I am NOT a crafty mama, that's for sure. :)

    My Peanut Butter Problem

  3. Yay for twin girls! That's so exciting!
    Also, I'm super impressed by all your projects--I don't have that much energy (not pregnant)! haha