This week: 4.29.15

Yesterday was rough. I cried trying to open a string cheese. Which, of course, was the tiny straw that broke the camels back (funny, cause I have a hump/bump too!). There aren't even that many straws, I'm just a weak camel right now. I blame Sunday. On Sunday I took an amazing nap - like a pre-pregnancy, pre-Wade, dead to the world kind of a rest. After I felt so refreshed, for about two hours, then I was just as tired! No, more tired. All this amazing nap did was make my body realize that it is, in fact, exhausted. I knew this day would come, but it was supposed to be in the future.

Ummm, I also, I ate a donut for breakfast. That didn't help. Two problems with that - eating junk food for breakfast AND only eating one donut - my body needs better fuel, and lots of it!

So I'm tired and realizing that's how it'll be from here on out. Somebody should explain that to Wade.

I also had a doctor's appointment yesterday. I'm almost 20 weeks, but measuring like I'm 30 (if this were a one kid pregnancy). I've put away my first batch of maternity clothes. I bought a maternity dress (on clearance at Target, with an extra 20% off from Cartwheel. Yes!) that I'm worried will be a shirt at the end. I'm ordering a belly support band.

Garage sale signs have been cropping up everywhere. This is my season!

Wade has been a handful. See the whole "tired" rant above. He's been really good at turning everything (including air) into a hazard. This week he tripped on nothing and smacked his cheek on a bucket. He climbed up an ottoman, stood to one side and made the whole thing fall over. He smashed his hands in the closet door. Pulled the step stool onto his foot. Used his bike as a step stool. Ran into the back of his highchair as he pushed it over to the rug. That's just the catalog of how he got the bruises you can visibly see. When do they start to learn from their painful mistakes?

But really, he's so much fun. I'm rather heartbroken that I have to make him play by himself a lot more. Good thing that he doesn't mind too much.

We painted with food colored yogurt.

He watched basketball - it's his favorite.

We've been going to the park. The park is an important place.

He found his first dandelion. He was so gentle with it. I just think he doesn't know that he can pick it yet.

I finished painting the spare room/nursery. Now I'm putting cute nursery things on the walls. This is the fun part! Except for trying to figure out what to do with all the stuff that was in the spare room/storage dump.

I continue to organize and dejunk everything. How is there still so much stuff?

Husband has been golfing.

Husband has also been helping A LOT. And being really understanding at his wife who cries at unopened string cheese.

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