Master Bedroom

Everything in our house is in transition. Exciting transition. The loft/play room has been painted, rearranged had new artwork created. The spare room/nursery has been painted and is coming along. Even the stairwell and upstairs hallway is shaping up. Things are looking so good! Except as EVERYTHING is in transition, everything is also buried in boxes and junk that needs to find it's home (perhaps the trash can?).

So here's a little share of our master bedroom. It's much the same as when I posted it here, but it's also had some additions that make it feel like we actually live here - we're not just moving in.

walking into the master

dresser details

flower detials

I need to put rocks in the bottom of the flowers - totally forgot until I saw this pic! Ha - amazing how quickly you get used to things being half finished.

walking towards the dresser

Oh, that chair? It's Room and Board that I found for FREE on Craigslist.

husbands wall

I put together this wall for Husband's birthday. Still needs frames. But frames have been placed in the back seat for the next few months.

And now there's nothing on the bed side tables. There isn't much in them either. Wade is really good at making sure things stay empty. Ha!

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