This week: 10 June 2015

Still stealing everyone's buckets. He doesn't even use them, just collects them!

Wade hit the 18 month mark and went to nursery! I, ahem, he posted about it here. It was nice to pay attention in class - but, honestly, I was thinking/worrying about him the whole time. As soon as church was over I raced over to pick him up. Husband did the same thing, but I beat him! We are such first time parents.

Along with nursery, 18 months means a check-up and shots. Wade was all sorts of drama. He thought getting weighed was cool, walking through the office was cool - but as soon as we walked into the exam room, he lost it. Like, crying so hard I was trying to get him to breath. As soon as we walked out of the exam room, everything was cool again.

Wade is in the 4th percentile for height and 94th for head size. We've got a shorty with a huge noggin.

I pulled out the swing for a friend's baby. I left it out, thinking it'd be good for Wade to get used to it. He's obsessed. I took it off it's legs to keep it from breaking when he climbs in. He sits in it frequently. I'm 25% too lazy/tired/huge to put it away, 50% amused at him, and 25% hoping it'll become a boring old thing that can be ignored by the time we need it.

Yesterday we pulled out the bubbles for the first time. Wade thought they were awesome and frustrating. His eyes would light up with wonder, and then his brow wold furrow cause he couldn't play with them.

He decided to be a trash can robot. Then started drumming for tips. He got two goldfish - which he shared with his trusty sidekick, Stella. Okay, she stole them.

We took some family pictures! See them here.

I'm 26 weeks pregnant (which is still isn't even the third trimester - in case you're wondering!). Husband's started making (loving) comments of he doesn't know how I can get all that much bigger - I don't know either babe, I don't know either. I swear I'm growing measurable amounts daily - Sunday night I went to bed in one position and by Monday night I couldn't lay that way anymore. One day, how is that possible? Miraculously, I can still make it through the night without a bathroom trip.

My pregnancy app says that my girls are about 2 lbs and 9" long (head to rump).

Oh, another Wade thing. He pooped on our bed. Technically he pooped in his towel and I didn't realize it when I took it off him to put a diaper on. I was laughing so hard I couldn't grab him. He thought we were playing and went and climbed on Husband. Which made me laugh harder. He got a post-bath bath.

Post-bath bath's are a real thing and a somewhat regular occurrence with toddlers. Kind of like how pre-bedtime naps are a thing when you're pregnant with twins.

Plus of making your bed - you only have to wash the cover when your kid poops on it.

Our garage door springs broke. And the light switch in our bathroom. And our microwave. Okay, the microwave was awhile ago, but I felt like I needed to beef up this list so you feel really sorry for me.  What boring things to fix and put money into.

I read Ida B by Katherine Hannigan and The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley. Both so enjoyable. Even though it's a children's book, I totally cried in Ida B. What other book have y'all got for me?

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